‘Chicago Fire’ Star Miranda Rae Mayo Reveals Whether or Not Stella Kidd is Back for Good

by Shelby Scott

It’s been a long start to the tenth season of “Chicago Fire” without the dynamic character of Stella Kidd. After making a brief appearance early this season, she has remained absent for the majority. Although as “Chicago Fire” returns on Wednesday, we are pumped to know Stella is back at Firehouse 51. However, is she back for good?

Fortunately, from the words of the Stella Kidd actress, Miranda Rae Mayo, herself, “Hell yeah!” is Stella back for good.

The “Chicago Fire” star revealed, in speaking with CinemaBlend, that fans, and her on-screen partner, Kelly Severide, have nothing to worry about when it comes to Stella’s position at 51. Stella has been gone from Chicago, Severide, and the adoring hearts of fans for, presumably, months. Now, it appears the character plans to waste no time in hopping right back into action on “Chicago Fire.”

Mayo told the outlet, “[She’s] just back in action. That’s Stella.”

There’s no doubt about that. Severide and Stella Kidd have had their issues in the past when it comes to their relationship. However, the two can respect each other as firefighters, knowing that, above all else, the safety of civilians comes first. However, Severide’s been driving for Stella to take the position of Lieutenant on Truck 81. Meanwhile, the female firefighter’s heart appears to lie elsewhere.

As we know, Kidd’s been on the East Coast since the beginning of “Chicago Fire’s” season 10. There, she has successfully expanded her Girls on Fire program. And while Severide has remained supportive of his fiance’s program, he feels she has lost her drive regarding the lieutenant’s position.

Overall, we can bet the couple will clash when “Chicago Fire” debuts its newest episode Wednesday, January 5th at 9.

Another ‘Chicago Fire’ Actor is Here to Stay

“Chicago Fire” fans have remained at the edge of their seats, hoping and praying that we haven’t seen the end of Stella Kidd’s time at Firehouse 51. However, now that we have confirmation from the actress herself that Kidd has no plans of going anywhere, we can turn our attention to another, newer cast member.

In Kidd’s absence, following the fall departure of cast mainstay Jesse Spencer (Captain Matt Casey), “Chicago Fire” saw the addition of floating lieutenant, Jason Pelham.

The start of season 10 hinted Pelham would only remain a temporary addition at firehouse 51, as fans anxiously awaited to see Kidd take Casey’s spot on 81. However, that moment never came and, as such, Pelham was offered the permanent position on the truck.

Surely, this will cause friction at 51, whether that’s between Kidd and Pelham, Severide and Pelham, or some combination of the three. Regardless, however, Pelham is definitely here to stay.

In speaking with Fansided, “Chicago Fire” showrunner Derek Haas shared, “Pelham is going to be sticking around for a minute. You saw Boden offer him the lieutenant spot…which puts him rightfully in the firehouse family now.”