‘Chicago Fire’ Star Monica Raymund Discusses Returning to Show

by Shelby Scott

Following the debut of “Chicago Fire’s” 200th episode Wednesday night, fans saw the departure of 10-season veteran, actor Jesse Spencer. The actor, after playing character Matt Casey for so long, believes production concluded his time on the show in a fitting way.

Now, Spencer may explore new route in acting and life overall. Meanwhile, former “Chicago Fire” star Monica Raymund shared her own thoughts regarding his character’s leave. She also touched on the possibility of her own character return, a former paramedic in charge, Gabby Dawson.

Speaking with Deadline, Raymund said of Spencer’s departure, “I wish Jesse all the best. I love him so much.” She added, “They were so lucky to have him and I’m excited to see what he does next.”

Currently, fans continue to share their sorrows regarding Captain Matt Casey’s leave from “Chicago Fire.” However, Spencer and showrunners have both hinted at the character’s eventual return. As we saw in the 200th episode, there’s lots of opportunities for Casey to come back to Firehouse 51.

In the meantime, Raymund spoke of her own character’s return. After guest appearances in seasons seven and eight of “Chicago Fire,” the actress intended to return early in season nine. However, because of the pandemic, restrictions kept her from doing so. According to the outlet, her season nine return would have tied into Casey and fellow paramedic Sylvie Brett’s new relationship. It would have come at an interesting time too. Raymund’s character Gabby Dawson had previously been married to the “Chicago Fire” captain as well as Brett’s best friend.

Of a return later in the show, Raymund shared, “I never close the door on Gabriela Dawson…I never say no to an opportunity to tell stories.”

‘Chicago Fire’s’ Taylor Kinney Reflects On Severide’s Friendship with Casey

For longtime “Chicago Fire” fans, news regarding Matt Casey’s departure from the NBC show resulted in heartbreak. The character played by Jesse Spencer has been with us since the pilot episode of the hit show, remaining for a remarkable ten seasons. Now, fans mourn his departure as well as the all-too-soon split between he and his on-screen girlfriend, paramedic Sylvie Brett. Following the actor’s departure, Casey and Brett’s relationship is pretty new in the timeline of “Chicago Fire.”

Meanwhile, some of the fireman’s other relationships dealt even more of a blow to Outsiders.

Namely, the 200th episode captured the emotional goodbye between Casey and his best friend and colleague, Kelly Severide. The lieutenant and captain’s relationship has evolved immensely since the show first kicked off. For those who have followed along since the beginning, you may recall that Severide was hotheaded and a little show-offy, which infuriated Casey, especially following the death of fireman Andy Darden during the pilot.

However, seasons later, the characters have established a unique, genuine, and meaningful friendship. While the two are quite terrible at sharing their feelings with each other, they nevertheless support one another in a silent yet comforting way. Following Casey’s departure from “Chicago Fire,” Severide’s actor Taylor Kinney shared his thoughts regarding the pair’s friendship.

Simply put, Kinney said, “These two aren’t the best at talking about their feelings,” but, “They’re still able to hash things out and get a read on each other.”

Kinney concluded, “They’re able to understand what someone is saying without saying it.”