‘Chicago Fire’ Star Randy Flagler Pulls Off Dance Moves Like Bill Murray in Hilarious Clip

by Kati Michelle

They say that imitation is one of the sincerest forms of flattery. I guess that’s why Vegas is always crawling with Elvis knock-offs and Halloween brings in droves of John Wayne characters year after year. On that note, this is a story that combines two Outsider favorites. That would be “Chicago Fire” and cult classics. When you think of the latter, what comes to mind? Maybe “Breakfast Club,” “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” or “Office Space?” Well, it’s neither of those. Nice try, though.

No, this “Chicago Fire” star decided to take on one of the many roles of Bill Murray. But can you guess which flick it’s actually from? There’s a wild debate in the comments unfolding right now as we speak and the fans think it’s ultimately a generational thing. So without further ado…

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Channels What It’s Like to Stub Your Toe

Here’s the Instagram post that “Chicago Fire” star Randy Flagler shared on his official page. It’s gaining quite some traction for more reasons than one. We’ll break each of them down below, but why don’t you take a look for yourself first?

Let’s start with the evidence. We’ve got interjecting clips of Randy Flagler and Bill Murray doing their one-legged dance hop. The caption reveals that the star is “so happy about a new episode of #ChicagoFire & #ChicagoPD & #ChicagoMed,” referring to last night. No mention of Bill Murray and no mention of the flick.

Then one user, @jason.zangara, starts a war with this comment:

“The sad part is most of your fans probably don’t know what you’re referencing with this”

One fan thinks he’s got it and offers up Murray’s “Stripes” from ’81.

Others point out that regardless of the film it’s based off, Flagler’s performance demonstrates exactly what happens when you stub your toe. And they’re not exactly wrong, are they?

Who Is the Funniest Character on the Show?

When it comes to “Chicago Fire,” fans typically rank Flagler’s character as one of the funniest. Now he’s a funny dude on his own but he usually comes as part of a package deal with Tony’s character. Together, they’re known for their fast quips and epic one-liners.

Remember that ridiculous ping-pong storyline from Season 5? It ended in disaster with some shattered glass and Capp and Otis arguing about whose responsibility it was to take up clean-up duty. Eventually, Boden shut the both of them down. And that’s not the only giggle-worthy scene.

The “Purgatory” episode saw Capp and Tony getting reassigned to the 911 call center. We didn’t get to see Capp answer any unhinged calls but the thought of his character doing so was honestly enough.