‘Chicago Fire’ Star Randy Flagler Teases a Scorching Stunt in BTS Video

by Kati Michelle

Why is “Chicago Fire” star Randy Flagler talking about enemas? And why is everything on fire?

Listen, there’s a lot going on in his latest Instagram post, which appears to be a behind-the-scenes video from the set. Before we begin to unpack that, though, it might help to know that Randy Flagler is quoting one of the most famous Jokers of all time. Jack Nicholson.

You can catch all the laughter here:

After Randy Flagler’s impromptu acting bit, laughter echoes on the “Chicago Fire” set for quite some time. It seems that several fans caught onto the reference pretty quickly too, with one fan simply commenting: “Hahahahahhaha hahahahahahahah #jack”

Here’s some quick film trivia for you. Jack Nicholson portrayed the Joker character in Tim Burton’s imagining of the Batman universe. Up until 2016 when Jared Leto took over for Suicide Squad, Jack Nicholson was the only actor to have portrayed the villain in a live-action film and still be alive. The two prior legends in the role, Cesar Romero and Heath Ledger, unfortunately, passed many years prior. Another fun fact is that Nicholson was the only actor to use his real name, “Jack,” in the film.

The iconic line parroted by Flagler (“This town needs an enema”) references the 1989 film.

Remembering One of the Most Emotionally Charged Stunts in ‘Chicago Fire’ History

Season 8 Episode 17 of “Chicago Fire” marked an especially emotional episode. Named “Protect a Child,” it involved an especially dangerous rescue back when Casey was still on the team. The crew arrived on the scene of a house fire and found a mom named Jenni determined to save her child.

Brenna Malloy spearheaded the episode and relayed just how powerful the scene really was in a prior interview:

“Jenni is portrayed by an actress named Rachel Miner, who is also wheelchair-bound, and Rachel did that stunt. She laid on the stairs in front of the fire and crawled up those stairs, and she was so determined to do that on her own, and I’m so proud of all her hard work in the episode,” she started.

“It turned out to look really dangerous and she was going to actually crawl through the fire to get to her son, so there was a lot of great stunts. The warehouse shelves, and Cook, and even Herrmann’s office is a stunt, but Rachel’s work on the staircase I’m super proud to be a part of and I’m honored to have worked with her as well.”

It turns out that several of the cast are actually passionate about doing their own stunts. You can read more about that here.