‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney Details Life-Long Love for Watching Formula 1 Racing

by Jacklyn Krol

Did you know that Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney is a big Formula 1 Racing fan?

In a new Instagram post, he shared a photo of him alongside Canadian Ferrari Formula 1 racer Gino Rosato.

“Being a kid watching #formula1, then growing up to be the same kid watching the damn thing! Lots of love! To the man…. @ginorosato,” he captioned the snapshot.

When he’s not filming Chicago Fire, he’s watching a race. Taylor Kinney has attended the annual United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas in 2017 and 2018.

@f1@cota_official#quitthecrew#JohnnyLouch what a great day @f1,” he captioned a photo of the speedway back in 2017.

He’s also no stranger to getting into the race car too. He joined Jeff Burton on his Joyride television segment. They made a lap around the mile and a half speedway and went full throttle. Kinney clearly enjoyed it and got to live out a childhood fantasy.

‘Chicago Fire’ Character Dynamics

Matt Casey and Kelly Severide have one of the most evolving relationships in the series. With Jesse Spencer leaving the show as Casey, let’s take a look back at how Kinney feels about the characters’ relationship throughout his time on the show.

“These two aren’t the best at talking about their feelings,” Taylor Kinney told Cartermatt. “They’re not very long-winded verbally. But the gesture is always there.”

Since the show’s inception, they have grown over the seasons.

“You see them evolve and become more mature in their relationship as co-workers and friends,” he added. “They’re like brothers. If they disagree with each other, yeah they’ll punch each other in the head here and there.”

“But I like being able to play those scenes where even when it’s minimal,” Kinney continued. “They’re still able to hash things out and get a read on each other,” the actor explains. “They’re able to understand what someone is saying without saying it.”

The Cast’s Special Moment

In honor of the show’s milestone 200th episode. The cast looked back on their time over the course of the series’ run. In a new interview, Kinney revealed the moment that the cast realized that they were onto something.

They filmed the pilot episode back in March 2012 during the time they fell in love with Chicago Fire and the city as a whole. They finished filming the reshoots and met up at their hotel after wrapping.

Jesse was finishing house so that we’re all there and Eamonn had this little GoPro,” he recalled. “He said that someday we’ll all watch it [and realize how monumental the moment was]. I just remember Monica Raymund Lauren German, David Eigenberg [were there]. We all just it kind of gelled and Eamonn was coming off of a job and he said that this is really rare. And he was right! I really want to see some of those videos from that first episode!”