‘Chicago Fire’ Star Tony Ferraris Opens Up About How He Became Driver for Show’s Response Vehicle

by Shelby Scott

It’s December, and “Chicago Fire” fans are excited to finally see a brand new episode next Wednesday. Above all, we’re dying to know what becomes of Stella and Kidd. In addition, we would also like to see where the show leads Violet and Gallo, among other important storylines. However, next week debuts “Chicago Fire’s” special holiday episode. Ahead of which, we look forward to the fun dynamic between recurring characters like Tony Ferraris and Capp actor Randy Flagler.

Most of the time, we can credit Ferraris and Capp for their comical interactions with “Chicago Fire’s” headlining characters. However, without Tony Ferraris, Looper reveals “Chicago Fire” never would have even gone into motion.

As Outsiders may know, Tony Ferraris actually plays himself on the NBC show. He actually assigned to Chicago’s Fire Department within Squad 2. During his 10 seasons on “Chicago Fire,” Ferraris has played mostly minor roles in the show’s storylines. Further, he previously revealed he was the only cast member on set prior to the pilot actually qualified to drive the squad truck.

Ferraris stated, “On the first day of filming, the crew realized nobody in the cast was able to drive squad. Steve Chikerotis, the show’s technical advisor…asked me if I would drive. I said sure, and that’s pretty much how it all went down.”

Obviously, we’ve come to adore characters such as Kelly Severide, Chief Wallace Boden, paramedic Sylvie Brett. However, it’s truly first responder and actor Tony Ferraris who got “Chicago Fire” off the ground in the first place.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Spends Years Auditioning, Leaves in One Season

“Chicago Fire” has seen a major transition in cast after 10 seasons airing on NBC. Background characters, such as Tony Ferraris and Randy Flagler have stuck around from the get-go. Meanwhile, Firehouse 51’s Ambo 61 has seen quite a handful of paramedics come and go.

One of the ambulance’s most recent departures came following that of Gianna Mackey actress Adriyan Rae.

Rae’s role as Mackey came up following the departure of previous season regular, Annie Ilonzeh who previously starred on “Chicago Fire” as Emily Foster.

Mackey starred as a young paramedic who rapidly took interest in fireman Blake Gallo. She also was raised alongside fan-favorite Joe Cruz and so he became the equivalent of a protective older brother to Mackey. As such, it made for a comical dialogue between the three characters.

Additionally, People magazine reveals that the Mackey actress spent two years trying to secure a role on “Chicago Fire.” She joined the cast during season nine, quickly becoming a fan favorite. Interestingly, however, Rae spent only a single season on “Chicago Fire” before taking her leave.

Why the actress decided to leave after dedicating so much time to auditions remains unclear. Showrunner Derek Haas simply revealed that Rae left “Chicago Fire” for personal reasons and “as a showrunner, you absolutely respect what an actor needs.”

Now, we get the interesting and comical dynamic between longtime paramedic Sylvie Brett and Violet Mikami. In this way, we’ve been introduced to new relations between the senior members of Firehouse 51 and our younger members including Violet, Gallo, and Darren Ridder.