‘Chicago Fire’: Stella and Severide Will Have to Work Together to Protect One of Their Own

by Megan Molseed

Chicago Fire is back for the winter, and things are really, really heating up. But, fans of the popular NBC series know that this is something we can always expect from the One Chicago players!

Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire will bring the return of fan-favorite, Stella Kid, who is portrayed by Miranda Rae Mayo.

Stella was a part of the popular One Chicago series for much of its run. Fans were happy to see her again as the tenth season premiered this fall.

However, we soon learned that Kidds time would be brief at the start of this season. The One Chicago soon left station 51 throughout multiple episodes last fall.

Now that she’s back, however, it seems the Chicago Fire star will be picking up from where she left off.

Plus, it seems, the station 51 first-responder will be joining her on-screen romance, Kelly Severide, and Chicago Fire Chief Wallace Boden in an important storyline. The trio will work to protect someone important to their station in a future episode of the popular series.

‘Chicago Fire’ Promises Some Major Drama Going Into the New Year

It certainly isn’t a surprise that Stella is diving right into her responsibilities upon her return; the character has long been known for her dedication to the One Chicago station – and her fellow firefighters.

Fans of the popular One Chicago series are gearing up for the next few episodes airing tonight, January 5, and next Wednesday, January 12.

But, some fans are looking even further into the future towards the third episode of the popular series which is set to air on January 19.

Chicago Fire fans remember how Stella Kidd took off for the East Coast at the beginning of the show’s third season.

Kidd’s passion for her Girls of Fire program pulled her from her duties in Chicago as the firefighter was working tirelessly to expand the program.

Of course, Stella’s finance, and fellow station 51 fire-fighter, Kelly Severide is supportive of Kidd’s passion for her duties when it comes to the Girl’s on Fire program.

However, he wonders if she has lost her drive within the Chicago fire station house.

Stella Kidd Returns To Her Chicago Post

So, of course, fans of the series can expect some clashing between the popular primetime couple as Stella returns to her duties in the Windy City.

This is why some fans are gearing up for the January 19 installment of the series; which is titled Show of Force.

Early synopsis of the upcoming episodes shows Kidd and Severide working well together as a major character faces challenges.

According to Matt & Jess TV Commentary, it looks as if a Chicago Fire is facing a dangerous situation. This, of course, is where Kidd, Severide, and Boone step in to help.

The upcoming Chicago Fire episode may be bringing some major drama to the firehouse.

However, this upcoming storyline suggests that Stella Kidd is back and she is likely here to stay. Which, of course, is news that many fans are happy to hear.