‘Chicago Fire’: Is Stella Kidd Pregnant?

by Victoria Santiago

Stella Kidd (played by Miranda Rae Mayo) has been making a lot of questionable decisions lately. Some of the things she’s done make sense, but they lead to other choices that have left us wondering. For one thing, traveling and focusing on her Girls on Fire program seems totally in line. However, Kidd eventually stops communicating with Severide. She also stops returning calls from her boss, Chief Boden. Her decision to stop communicating with them seems off.

Her surprise return during the mid-season finale raised some questions, too. What could her motives have been this whole time? Kidd was very clear about what she wanted, so why did she suddenly stop communicating those things? Why would she go from wanting the lieutenant position and wanting to settle down with Severide, to seemingly not caring about either of those things? Hopefully, her actions will be explained soon.

Fans Have a Theory for Stella Kidd’s Actions

Until we get some answers on the screen, we have a theory. It’s completely speculative, of course. Some fans are wondering if Stella Kidd might be pregnant. There’s absolutely no official information to back this up, but it would make sense. The way that she acts could be indicative of her navigating a surprise pregnancy.

Even in promos for the upcoming episode of Chicago Fire, Stella Kidd notes that her return during the mid-season finale is “panicked.” Something has shaken her up and in turn, she feels that she has mishandled communication with the people that are close to her. That’s pretty much all of the detail that we get, but it definitely ties in with the pregnancy theory. Plus, the Chicago Fire showrunner, Derek Haas, has said that Kidd is facing some life-changing decisions. She’s had to view life from a different perspective.

Even though it’s just a theory, it really makes sense, given this sudden change in character. Nothing has been confirmed by the cast or by showrunners, but that little bit of vague information from Haas seems promising.

Showrunner Derek Haas Answers Other ‘Chicago Fire’ Questions

Derek Haas gave us some insight into what we saw during the season finale. A big thing was Randy “Mouch” McHolland wondering what happened to victims after they’ve been saved. Of course, that begs the question: will victims’ lives make their way into the storyline? Haas says no.

Although it might serve the storyline every once in a while, Haas says that ultimately, it’s not true to life. Therefore, it won’t become a normal part of the show. During an interview with TV Insider, he goes on to say that as firefighters get older, they often think about their victims’ lives. Generally, though, it’s not something that people really focus on in real life. It was important for Haas to show the experiences of firefighters from all walks of life and from all perspectives, which is why the victims were added to the finale. Now, if only we could get some answers on Kidd.