‘Chicago Fire’ Star Taylor Kinney’s Deep Explanation of Matt Casey and Kelly Severide’s Dynamic

by Megan Molseed

Last week, Chicago Fire fans were heartbroken as they said goodbye to one of Chicago One’s most popular characters, Matt Casey.

Of course, as Casey, who is portrayed by Jesse Spencer, was setting out to leave his spot at the Chicago Fire station, many couldn’t help but think about the relationships the firefighter had formed while on the job. Those important relationships that Casey leaves behind as he finishes his time as the Chicago Fire Truck 81 Captain.

Thoughts obviously first go to the relationship between Matt Casey and his relationship with girlfriend Brett (Kara Killmer) on the series.

How will the two work out the distance they will now have between them? Will the couple decide to try and make their relationship work long-distance?

But, there are other relationships Matt Casey had formed while working at Chicago Fire’s Firehouse 51. Relationships that made his exit a little more heartbreaking.

One of those is the ever-changing, and ever-evolving relationship he has with fellow Chicago Fire firefighter, Kelly Severide.

Casey and Severide’s Complicated Dynamics

“These two aren’t the best at talking about their feelings,” says Taylor Kinney to cartermatt.com, the actor who portrays Kelly Severide in the popular drama.

“They’re not very long-winded verbally,” the actor adds of Severide’s relationship with Casey. “But the gesture is always there.”

Taylor Kinney goes on to note that the dynamic between Kelly Severide and Matt Casey has evolved over time. Seeing the two mature as the years go by.

“You see them evolve and become more mature in their relationship as co-workers and friends,” the Chicago Fire actor explains. “They’re like brothers.”

Kinney adds that while his character and Spencer’s had matured over the seasons. Their closeness would still lead to confrontations at times.

“If they disagree with each other, yeah they’ll punch each other in the head here and there,” Taylor Kinney laughs of the duo.

“But I like being able to play those scenes where even when it’s minimal,” Kinney adds.

“They’re still able to hash things out and get a read on each other,” the actor explains. “They’re able to understand what someone is saying without saying it.”

‘Chicago Fire’s’ 200th Offers A Lot Of Drama

During the Chicago Fire’s 200th episode, which aired Wednesday, October 20, Matt Casey broke the news to his Chicago Fire colleagues that he was moving to Oregon.

Casey had come to this decision after visiting the sons of his late best friend Andy Darden. The boys, Griffin and Ben were in a terrible position. Their mom was locked up in prison, and the aunt who was supposed to be caring for them had disappeared.

Casey learns that the boys were about to be placed in foster homes. To make matters worse, the two would likely be separated. Casey knew this would be a devastating scenario for the boys. So, he opted to move to Oregon and become Griffin and Ben Darden’s guardian.