‘Chicago Fire’: Taylor Kinney Thinks He May Have Been a Firefighter in Another Life

by Taylor Cunningham

If Taylor Kinney wasn’t extinguishing flames on Chicago Fire, he’d be a real-life firefighter. In fact, he may have already been one in another life.

During a 2013 chat with Assignment X, Taylor Kinney explained why he loves his on-screen gig with rescue squad 3 so much. And one of those reasons has to do with his solid respect for career firefighters.

As Kinney explained, first responders choose a brave profession. And most people will never fully appreciate their sacrifices because they’ve never experienced that much danger in their own lives.

And the reason Kinney knows that is because he moonlighted as a boxer.

When the actor was a child, he’d watch the sport with his grandfather because he was a “big fan.”

“We would watch on TV,” he shared. “And you would see a fighter in the sixth, seventh round start to get fatigued, and then you’d cheer for this fighter and you can get carried away without a firsthand experience of what that’s like in a ring in the seventh round.”

Then when Taylor Kinney was in college, he tried his hand at boxing. The experience was eye-opening and completely changed his perspective on the sport.

“When I started boxing, I started out doing three-minute rounds and by the end of that third round, you could barely put your hands up.”

So during the interview, the Zero Dark Thirty star “likened” firefighting to boxing.

“It’s the same thing with a firefighter. I’d look at it and say, ‘I really want to do that. And I could do that.’ And then the first onslaught of an experience training, you realize how difficult it is and how much training they have,” he admitted. “So having a firsthand experience even on a minimal scale just raises your level of respect for the job and the career.”

Taylor Kinney Renews Contract with ‘Chicago Fire’

Hey Outsiders, we can all share a collective sigh of relief. Taylor Kinney has officially renewed his contract with Chicago Fire.

Earlier this year, social media sites were abuzz with rumors that Taylor Kinney was retiring his role of Kelly Severide. But on November 26th, Hello! Magazine confirmed that the actor re-signed with the series. He’ll remain on squad 3 until the end of Season 10, which is currently airing. After that, we can all go back to worrying.

After the season closer, the series will re-evaluate Kinney’s role. But if it’s up to him, he’ll stay with the show for seasons to come. Because there definitely isn’t a “lack of stories to tell with this character.”

“He doesn’t spend a lot of time in the rearview, there’s always something exciting going on,” Kinney told Hollywood Outbreak. “There’s always something he’s working on and he loves his trade. He loves what he does for a living, that’s kind of been ingrained in him by his father Benny when he passed.”