‘Chicago Fire’ Team Freezes in Place in Cool Video

by Kati Michelle

Either the cold fronts across the country finally got to the cast of “Chicago Fire,” or they just finished playing one heck of a game of freeze tag. Either way, a recent Instagram post from Randy Flagler (the guy behind Capp) is too cool to miss.

The video shows the actors executing near-perfect control and freezing in some pretty comical positions as the camera pans across the whole set. It showcases pretty much the whole squad, and, for the most part, the cast totally killed the challenge. There’s just one actor who might have slipped up a little. Here’s a little hint: it’s the guy with the sandwich.

Think you can spot him? Take a look:

Did you spot the culprit?

It was none other than Taylor Kinney, the man behind Severide. Although he was able to stay still while the camera was on him, Kinney proceeded to munch on his sandwich as the camera started panning to the left. It’s okay, Taylor Kinney. We forgive you. With that rocky Stellaride reunion, who can really blame him? Maybe the sandwich helps take a little bit of the edge off.

What we’re referring to is the fact that Stella Kidd returned after going MIA for what felt like years only to leave him hanging again with the big question: Do you still want to get married?

Although she finally answered that question in the latest episode (recap here), fans aren’t so convinced about the couple’s longevity.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Squad Remembers Someone They Lost

While the video definitely shows off the cast’s impressive acting skills, Flagler’s Instagram post also serves as a bittersweet tribute to someone the “Chicago Fire” family lost a couple of years ago. Back in October of 2020, writer/producer/director David Rodriguez passed away at the age of 50.

In addition to lending his talent to “Chicago Fire,” Rodriguez was credited with “The Chi” and “Queen of the South” as well. The director was born and raised in the Bronx and hailed from a family with several ties to the military. He even served in the US Marine Corps himself before going into the entertainment industry.

“RIP brother Dave,” Monica Raymund wrote on Flagler’s post.

Raymund played a paramedic turned firefighter (Gabriela “Gabby” Dawson) for eight seasons of the show before pursuing other projects. Although you can’t catch her on “Chicago Fire” anymore, the fans remember her character and continue to support her other ventures.

Speaking of other ventures, it seems that star’s been plenty busy. Raymund recently shared an exciting Instagram post revealing that she took on the director role for the USA Network’s finale of “The Sinner.”