‘Chicago Fire’ Teases Battle with Arsonist in New Trailer

by Kati Michelle

Lately, a lot has been on the minds of NBC fans regarding the network’s hit drama, “Chicago Fire.” First, they almost lost Joe Minoso’s Cruz character. Next, a bombshell departure of one of the leads, Jesse Spencer, left fans absolutely devastated. The mourning was short-lived, though, because “the show must go on.” His Casey character’s exit left several questions. Would Stella finally get her chance at snagging that shiny Lieutenant title? Is a crossover likely now? And what’s up with that new Brett Dalton guy?

The newest teaser trailer for the series ahead of tonight’s episode poses another pretty big problem. It looks like Engine 81’s crew might have met their match (no pun intended): a dangerous serial arsonist.

The ‘Chicago Fire’ Crew Adds Bomb Threats to Their List of Concerns

Here’s the teaser trailer that NBC’s official account for the “Chicago” franchise shared to Twitter. It involves a series of clips from each of their first responder teams including Med, Fire, and P.D.:

Fans see the Engine 81 crew in a race against time to not only identify the serial arsonist but also prevent them from wreaking utter havoc on the city. After uncovering the schematics for what looks like a bomb, the trailer cuts to scenes of the crew trying to evacuate a building amid serious concerns that it may explode.

The trailer ends on a cliffhanger and it’s unclear whether any civilians (or crew) remain trapped in the building. Half the fans are already biting their nails ahead of the episode, while the others took time to poke fun at NBC’s Twitter blunder from earlier in the day. Apparently, the show account accidentally tweeted out that the episode premiers tomorrow. The mistaken tweet has since been deleted.

So, How Realistic Is It?

Fans know that “Chicago Fire” works hard to deliver captivating stories while also trying to do our country’s active firefighters justice. Dick Wolf’s franchise even goes so far as to hire actual first responders for the show. Although Mike Borrello hasn’t starred on the show (yet), he is a long-time paramedic who uses his Heroes Next Door YouTube Channel to assess how first responders are portrayed in film and TV. He’s assessed multiple scenes from “Chicago Fire,” and overall, he gives them a solid review.

Actually, Borrello describes the hit show as “one of the few shows that does a half-decent job of making the accidents realistic.” He also gives the cast and crew kudos for how they show the delegation of responsibility from the scene of an accident. Borrello draws attention to some creative liberties taken by the show but ultimately supports their work.

Here’s one of those reviews: