‘Chicago Fire’: Two Stars Got Really Passionate About Doing Their Own Stunts

by Michael Freeman
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/WireImage)

You always hear about how passionate some actors are to the point they do their own stunts whenever possible. In the case of Chicago Fire, two actors, in particular, are incredibly enthusiastic about the process.

Speaking to TV Insider, stunt coordinator Rick Le Fevour detailed some of the crazy things that happen to make Chicago Fire as intense as it is. When asked about actors who do their own stunts, two immediately came to mind: Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer.

“I’m really lucky,” Le Fevour stated. “We have some very good athletes, including Taylor Kinney and Jesse Spencer. Everyone is gung-ho and they’ve been trained well in the fire academy. They’re confident but not overconfident where they would get hurt.”

This coincides with some of the things Spencer mentioned during his tenure on the show. For instance, speaking to TV Guide, he recalled a number of incidents when he did his own stunts. One scene in particular even worried the stuntmen. “I did do one today where this door is burning down…” he said. “They covered me in the fireproof gel. I couldn’t even feel it. It was crazy. The stuntmen would yell at me, because apparently the fire was licking my face.”

In another incident, Spencer reported “killing” a dummy baby. While doing a practice run for the show, there was a baby dummy he had to locate and save. “I didn’t find the dummy baby on the top bunk because I didn’t know there was a top bunk and I led all my firefighters into a broom closet instead of an exit.”

Though it’s impressive Kinney and Spencer do their own stunts, maybe we should leave the real stuff to the professionals.

Taylor Kinney Talks About His Character’s Future on ‘Chicago Fire’

On the subject of Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney, the two of them are longstanding Chicago Fire veterans. With Spencer recently leaving and rumors circulating about Kinney doing the same, he recently made it sound like he’s there to stay.

Earlier this year, fans speculated Kinney may be leaving the show because he hadn’t renewed his contract. However, Hello! Magazine recently reported he renewed it at least until the end of this season. On a personal note, Kinney told the outlet there’s still a lot left to explore with his character.

“He doesn’t spend a lot of time in the rearview, there’s always something exciting going on,” Kinney said. “There’s always something he’s working on and he loves his trade. He loves what he does for a living, that’s kind of been ingrained in him by his father, Benny, when he passed. I don’t think there’s a lack of stories to tell with this character. He’s a resilient guy.”