‘Chicago Fire’: Watch the Firehouse Rally Around Pelham in Tense Scene

by Shelby Scott

Season 10 of “Chicago Fire” has been full of drama, excitement, tension, and heartache. However, we’ve also seen multiple acts of heroism. Many of those see our favorite firefighters pulling unconscious victims from totaled vehicles or smokey rooftops. However, fan-favorite character Stella Kidd demonstrated her own kind of heroism recently. Her positive act came during one tense scene from one of the latest episodes, “Show of Force.” Check it out.

Stella Kidd’s starring scene came following the Chicago Fire Department decided to terminate Truck 81 Lieutenant Jason Pelham. The department made the decision after he became framed for making a bad call he never actually gave. The ever-dedicated Chief Boden looks deeper into the situation and soon realizes it’s not the injured firefighter that put Pelham in this position. Instead, it was someone in a more authoritative role.

Stella’s show of force came after Deputy Commissioner Hill stonewalled Boden’s efforts to save Pelham from termination. Fans will recall the female firefighter has previously developed a friendly relationship with the Deputy Commissioner. Therefore, she used her influence to lobby for Pelham’s reinstatement as Lieutenant on Truck 81.

Stella Kidd’s actions speak to the character’s values on “Chicago Fire.” They further demonstrate part of what makes the series so successful. To see what takes place next in season 10, tune in to NBC every Wednesday night at 9 p.m. EST.

A Bone-Headed Decision Almost Saw the Death of a ‘Chicago Fire’ Fan-Favorite Character

After Kidd‘s heroic act, Pelham reported back for duty at Firehouse 51 much to the relief of fans. However, long-time fans of “Chicago Fire” will recall Pelham has recently replaced fan-favorite character, Captain Matt Casey.

Casey was an original cast member who starred in the “Chicago Fire” pilot episode. The captain saw much growth during his 9+ seasons on the show. What made Casey so admirable was his dedication to others, a drive to do well, and his habits in approaching dangerous situations with a clear head.

However, back in season seven, “Chicago Fire” fans saw the Captain perform a dangerous stunt that nearly got him killed. Overall, it was a prominent deflection from his usual level-headed and logical self.

Essentially, when Firehouse 51 receives a call about a man stuck in an elevator shaft, the elevator threatening to crush him, Casey does the unthinkable. Rather than waiting for Severide and the rest of Squad 3 to secure the elevator and extract the victim safely, Casey slides into the shaft with the victim.

Playing hero for, probably, the first time in series history, Casey nearly becomes crushed before the rest of the team is able to save the two men.

Nevertheless, we all have our off days. As we can see with Jason Pelham, some are much worse than others. However, while Casey has now headed off to Oregon to care for a friend’s children, fans nevertheless continue to cope with his departure from “Chicago Fire” months after leaving.