‘Chicago Fire’: What Does the Future Hold for Sylvie Brett with Matthew Casey Gone?

by Joe Rutland

We need to get down with some details about what the future holds for Chicago Fire actress Kara Killmer and her Sylvie Brett character.

In order to further our discussion, we will get some help from an article by CinemaBlend.

So, Brett is involved with Matthew Casey, played by Jesse Spencer. Now that Casey has moved on to work and live in Oregon, Sylvie remains in a long-distance relationship.

Looking back a little on Season 10 on Chicago Fire, Brett showed some stress about the challenges in connecting with Matthew after his move to Oregon. Those challenges were probably on the stove after word hit that Spencer was leaving. This relationship was going fairly strong before he made the decision to relocate and care for the Darden boys, but the distance put a strain on them. 

‘Chicago Fire’ Relationship Between Brett, Casey May Need To Have Some Changes

As of Fog of War, which was Wednesday night’s episode title, Brett and Casey have evidently been spending a lot of time together off-screen.

Heck, Casey visited Scott and Amelia with her. Right now, things look pretty rad between them.

Still, there is going to be a moment where this has to either end or continue in a more definite way. As in Brett leaves Chicago for Oregon or Casey calls off his travels and moves back to the Windy City.

Would a breakup happen soon?

If not soon, then it’s just going to be a matter of time probably, Outsiders.

All of these smoke and mirrors on Chicago Fire about Brett and Casey need to get resolved or else.

This might hurt Brett in her heart a lot.

Things are going well right now but, in the land of TV dramas, things can change quickly.

TV Show Is Still Dealing with Residue From Jesse Spencer Leaving Drama

Chicago Fire is still dealing with Spencer’s departure.

Scott did volunteer to come into Chicago more so Sylvie can spend more time with little Amelia without distracting herself from Casey.

His other suggestion included her using furlough time to spend as much time as possible with Casey, not travel to visit them. Why so much insight from Scott? Well, he cited the death of his wife and his regret that they didn’t spend more time together because of his work. 

Turning to someone with some firepower on Chicago Fire, we look to Showrunner Derek Haas.

He has shared hopes that Spencer would make another appearance in Season 10. Nothing is etched in stone, Outsiders.

Honestly, it might be solid to just end it. This way, Sylvie could begin the process of healing and maybe fall in love again. It would be with someone who is there in Chicago.