‘Chicago Fire’: What to Expect From Upcoming 200th Episode

by Jacklyn Krol

Chicago Fire‘s 200th episode is fast approaching!

The biggest question for the milestone episode is if Jesse Spencer will be exiting the show. The show teased that Casey could be walking away from the department to foster the Darden brothers in Oregon. We should find out his fate when the episode airs on October 20.

In an interview with Yahoo!, writer Derek Haas explained that the crew wanted to make this episode special. They knew that the milestone would come in the fifth episode of the season.

“Usually, we break out everything toward the winter finale, but this year, we said, ‘Let’s break everything toward the 200th,’” Haas explained. “So a lot of storylines that have started are going to either get resolved or have some sort of climax in this episode.”

E! Online caught up with the Chicago Fire cast amid their celebrations for the historic episode.

Walker said, “This is rarefied air. Almost nobody gets to do 200 episodes.”

Producer Dick Wolf explained just how special the series is and what it has done compared to other shows. It also launched an entire One Chicago night programming, with the spinoffs Med and PD.

“There were 152 primetime broadcast cable pilots produced during the season we shot the Chicago Fire pilot,” he shared. “Guess how many are left? Us! Nothing else.”

Kinney added that the show becoming a staple “speaks volumes to the leadership from the top down.” 

“This is exactly the kind of thing that Dick Wolf does, so I’m not that surprised that we’re here,” Kara Killmer continued.

Joe Minoso said that they are a family and community both on-screen and off. Most of the cast described themselves as a “family.”

How Realistic is ‘Chicago Fire’?

The cast revealed to Cinema Blend about their first stunt on the show. During the pilot episode, they realized just what they signed up for. Although it is obviously fake, the crew made it as realistic as possible. This included the insulated quilting in their firefighter jackets. And no, they couldn’t unzip it.

Joe Minoso, who portrays Cruz, recalled their first shoot. They had to reshoot some of the scenes for the pilot episode. It was 105 degrees outside that day and they had to wear the gear without air conditioning.

“It was pass-out hot, Stolte recalled. “And we were brand new at doing this so we didn’t have protocols in place. We had one man, Steve Chikerotis, looking at everybody’s face to see who looked like they were about to pass out. That’s how I remember it.”

Chikerotis had everyone drink bottles of water in front of him to ensure that they were hydrated. He kept them safe and healthy.