‘Chicago Fire’: What Happened To Hallie Thomas?

by Taylor Cunningham

Matt Casey’s first love—Hallie Thomas—had a short but integral run on Chicago Fire. But what exactly happed to the character? Read on to find out.

Hallie only appeared on the show for 10 episodes. But despite the short stint, she was an important One Chicago character.

During most of her episodes, the doctor was Matt Casey’s part-time lover. The two broke up and got back together more times than we can count. And for a while, they were even engaged.

But the couple finally split for good when Hallie told her beau that she didn’t want kids. Because the firefighter wanted a family one day, that was a deal-breaker for him. So Hallie Thomas headed off to South America in hopes of healing her heartbreak.

When she came back, she and her ex realized how much they loved each other and considered making the relationship work. But the plans came to a tragic end when Hallie was killed off.

In an episode titled Leaders Lead, Casey responded to a fire at a medical clinic and found Hallie dead inside. As it turned out, the doctor had uncovered a drug trafficking ring, and its leaders Timothy Campbell wanted her dead before she could tell the authorities.

Devastated and enraged, Casey went on a hunt for Hallie’s murderer. But he wasn’t the one to track him down. Instead, the series called on Chicago P.D.’s Hank Voight for that. The officer did end up finding Campbell. But instead of bringing him to justice, Voight shot and killed him.

While Hallie didn’t remain on the show, she did set up Matt Casey’s romantic storyline. Because through his remaining years, the tragedy affected his many relationships. And it may have even been the reason that the firefighter left 51 to care for his best friend’s orphaned kids.

Kara Killmer Loved that Sylvie Brett Started Dating Matt Casey on ‘Chicago Fire’

This season on Chicago Fire, Silvie Brett said goodbye to her boyfriend Matt Casey as he headed out of the state to care for his deceased friend’s kids. Luckily for fans of the romance, the two are still dating off-screen.

But because his actor Jesse Spencer is done with the show, Brett won’t get to work with the star anymore, which breaks her heart. However, she’s still grateful she had the opportunity.

And she shared just why in a 2020 interview.

“Thank God it’s Jesse,” she told Tell-Tale TV. ” I really enjoy working with him. He is such a delight. He’s a total dork in real life. And we pretty much just sit around and make puns and play tiny instruments, and that’s kind of what the behind-the-scenes looks like for he and I. But I mean, these scenes, these first two episodes were just really important to both of us to get right.”