‘Chicago Fire’: Where You Recognize Jamie Killian From

by Joe Rutland

She’s an actress that makes people go, “I’ve seen her before, but where?” We’ll offer some insight into Jamie Killian from Chicago Fire.

Rachel Nichols played Killian in the NBC first-responder drama’s fourth season, which was between 2015-16. An article from Looper helps fill in some details, too.

Back in 2009, Nichols nabbed a starring role in the movie Star Trek. She played Gaila, full of red hair and green skin. Gaila, and Nichols, got it on with Capt. James T. Kirk, played in the movie by Chris Pine. Kirk and Gaila have their fun just until Uhura, played by Zoe Saldana, appears.

Yes, this was a small role for the Chicago Fire actress. Nichols talks about it with StarTrek.com.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Had to Sit For Hours for ‘Star Trek’ Makeup

Nicolas says that it was a “lengthy process to get me that green, especially for the sexy bedroom scene with Kirk and Uhura.

“I think hair and makeup was five or six hours, and then you’re kind of sticky all day,” she says. “Then, when Kirk and I would kiss, we’d pull away and Chris Pine’s face would be green and my makeup would have wiped off on his face.”

Oh wow. So Nichols also stars, back in 2009 in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. She plays Scarlett, an intelligence expert. She filmed Star Trek before this film and she just stayed a redhead.

Yet this was another role where the Chicago Fire actress sat for hours of makeup work.

Athletic Sense of Physical Fitness Was Needed by Nichols

In an interview with Female.com, Nichols says, “I added about 15 pounds of muscle to do the role … And then about six weeks before the fight scene, Sienna [Miller] and I started training five days a week, a couple hours a day, with mixed martial arts.”

In the Season 1 of Titans, Nichols plays Angela Azarath. She gets herself thrown into an asylum, where she ends up reuniting with her biological daughter, Rachel Roth, played by Teagan Croft.

Other TV series for Nichols include The Man in the High Castle and A Million Little Things.

Catch her on Chicago Fire when you can see reruns on TV.

Oh, and which star of the NBC show also appeared on Law & Order and CSI?

It was Chicago Fire star Jon Seda.

He played Dawson on the Dick Wolf show.

Now, Seda appeared on Law & Order years ago. Then, he was a recurring character on Chicago Fire as Chief Investigator Antonio Dawson. Now, he joined the One Chicago universe created by Wolf on both Chicago Fire and later Chicago PD.

This actor would be on Chicago PD through 2017. Dawson suffered a relapse and he split.