‘Chicago Fire’: Why Kara Kilmer Loved Working with Matt Casey Actor Jesse Spencer

by Evan Reier

Jesse Spencer’s departure from Chicago Fire was a major blow from fans. Spencer’s work as Matt Casey was a pillar of the program.

That was due, in part, to the dynamic Casey had with Sylvie Brett. The pair’s relationship had a slow burn, but it kept fans engaged as they awaited a seemingly inevitable pairing. Of course, they made a perfect match, but now Casey is leaving the 51 to take care of his family.

Which leads us to wonder about Kara Kilmer. The woman behind Sylvie Brett now has a new challenge as the character moves on with a long-distance relationship with Casey. While Casey isn’t completely out of the picture, Kilmer will no longer be able to work with Spencer.

Based on a 2020 interview with Starry Mag, it’s clear that the two actors had a great connection.

“I love working with Jesse,” Kilmer said. “He is a total dork and so fun to be around. People have asked do I like that they are in a romance and what do I think about that. If them being in a romantic relationship means if I get to work with Jesse more than great.  If them staying friends means I get to work with Jesse more than that’s what I want. Whatever scenario allows me to get to work with Jesse that’s what I want.”

Strong words, to say the least. Well, they’re going to be working together much less in the near future, but that doesn’t mean that their previous work was all for naught.

‘Chicago Fire’ Star Kara Kilmer Opens Up on Brett and Casey’s Dynamic

While the two actors deserve an immense amount of credit for the beloved pairing, the writing needs a nod too. As with any show, it takes all sides of the production doing their jobs to create must-watch TV like Chicago Fire.

Kilmer went on to explain as much, opening up about the created identities of Casey and Brett.

“I think Brett and Casey are very similar people,” Kilmer said. “I think at their core they are very loyal, beautiful, self-sacrificing and they tend to wax optimistic. I think it is cool to see two people who are like that kind of in the relationship they have and they both prioritize the other people a lot. I think neither one of them has had a lot of experiences with relationships like that where someone is like, ‘Are you taken care of? Are you okay? What can I do for you?’ I think it is really sweet.”

Kilmer is spot on. Both characters typically place the needs of others over their own. But while Sylvie is a bit more loose, Casey was famously rigid.

So how did that affect Kilmer’s approach on set? Obviously, it led her to making more jokes to crack up Spencer.

“I have made it my personal goal to try and make him laugh or smile as much as possible,” Kilmer continued. “Because I feel like his character can be so rigid. He has to be because he is in a leadership position and because he takes the brunt a lot of the high stress and trauma in all of these incidents. He is compartmentalized and very focused. I admire that, but it also annoys me. I just made it my personal goal to be like I am going to make him laugh as much as I can.