‘Chicago Fire’: Will Gallo and Violet End Up Together?

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Fire fans are wondering if Gallo and Violet will wind up together. There’s been plenty of romance over the near-decade of the show. But it looks like there’s a new romance potentially on the horizon. Violet and Gallo are often overlooked, but there’s some definite chemistry there.

Violet, Gallo and Ritter are quite the comedic relief on the usually serious show. The three, who started up their own brewery together, are the source of a good chunk of the show’s jokes. But being the comedic relief doesn’t mean you don’t have feelings. Now that Gallo’s been flirting with Carla, the master brewers assistant, Violet isn’t happy about it.

In a recent episode, What Happened at Whiskey Point, Gallo revealed he’s been seeing Carla much to the devastation of Violet. Violet was close to telling Gallo about her feelings for him. Ritter and Brett both encouraged her to do it, but it looks like if things were mutual, it’s too late. Violet still has a conversation with him, but it doesn’t look like things are changing between Gallo and Carla for now.

When she does confront him about those feelings she tries to downplay them, but there’s still clear tension there.

Gallo Actor Alberto Rosende Says The ‘Chicago Fire’ Character Has A Lot of Growing To Do

But it’s hard to believe that this is how their story ends. If not in this season, then the two may get together in future seasons. Actor Alberto Rosende has noted that Gallo still has a ton of growing to do before he’s ready to be in a committed relationship. This one with Carla may help him grow, and who knows, Violet may still be there if it ends.

“I do think he needs to ground himself more, and I don’t know if that’s with Violet or someone else”, the actor told Hello Magazine. “I think some people should learn that on their own. And I think they all have a lot of room to grow, but one of the things is that when you’re in the firehouse your colleagues understand your lifestyle.”

Gallo’s journey may be a long one, so it’s kind of hard to see him and Violet getting together right away. But they are definitely a couple to watch out for in the long term. Essentially, things are a bit messy. They’re also not the only potential couple on the show right now.

If you want to see Gallo’s journey and what happens next with violet, you can tune in to Chicago Fire when it returns from hiatus on December 8th. The show typically airs every Wednesday night on NBC at 9/8 CT following Chicago Med and leading into Chicago PD.