‘Chicago Fire’: Will Jesse Spencer Return For Kelly Severide’s Eventual Wedding?

by Joe Rutland

There appears to be some question around whether or not Jesse Spencer will return on Chicago Fire for Kelly’s eventual wedding.

Spencer, who played Lieutenant Matthew Casey on the NBC first responder show, offered up an answer in an interview with Us Weekly.

“How could I not,” he said.

Chicago Fire showrunner Derek Haas, who also was a part of the interview, said “I’m hoping.”

“You know, here’s the thing,” Haas said. “I never try to predict what’s gonna happen production-wise. But we’re in the camp of whenever Jesse wants to come to do an episode with us, we will move mountains and earth to make that happen. So we’ve been talking. We’ve got some ideas of what that would be and I’d say you hit the nail on the head on what some of those moments might be.”

Here are Spencer and Haas talking about Chicago Fire with an Us Weekly interviewer.

Spencer had spent 10 seasons on the NBC show.

What he’s going to do next is, well, still up in the air.

‘Chicago Fire’ Former Cast Member Raymund Wishes Spencer ‘All The Best’

As news of Spencer’s departure came out, former Chicago Fire star Monica Raymund offered some words about her former co-star.

Raymund revealed to Deadline that she just found out about his departure.

“I wish Jesse all the best,” she said. “I love him so much. They were so lucky to have him and I’m excited to see what he does next.”

Raymund said that she was supposed to return on Chicago Fire in her Gabriela Dawson character.

Health restrictions tied to the COVID-19 pandemic kept her away.

“I love Derek [Haas],” she said. “He’s my boy. I never close the door on Gabriela Dawson. The door is always open. I never say no to an opportunity to tell stories.” 

Matthew Casey Actor Wanted To Take Break After Back-To-Back Long Series

What did lead to Spencer leaving the show? We’ll get around to that point.

An article from TVLine states that Matthew Casey was one of six remaining original Chicago Fire regulars. Others include Taylor Kinney, David Eigenberg, Eamonn Walker, Christian Stolte, and Joe Minoso.

Before starting on Chicago Fire, Spencer was part of the cast for the Hugh Laurie-starring medical show House.

“I realized I’ve been doing TV for a long time,” Spencer said. “[T]his year is my 18th year of network television.”

There does not seem to be any hard feelings between him and Wolf Entertainment.

“I’ve loved the show from the start,” he said. “But there are other things that I would like to do in the future, and there’s some family that I need to take care of.”