‘Chicago Fire’: Will Kim Delaney Make a Return Appearance?

by Lauren Boisvert

There was a rumor going around on “Chicago Fire” that an old character was going to come back to the series in season 10. Showrunner Derek Haas even hinted as such; he told TV Line, “There will be an old character coming back in the second episode and going forward. It’s such a good, emotional surprise.”

Fans thought maybe Kelly Severide’s mother, Jennifer Sheridan, played by Kim Delaney, would be back on the show. The crew was constantly bugging Severide to call his mother in the first episode, after the boat rescue. She made her first appearance in “Put White On Me” from season 6. She shows up at the firehouse and tells Severide that she’s moving in with him, much to his surprise.

The episode “What Will Define You” in season 7 was her last “Chicago Fire” appearance. The episode centered around Severide’s father Benny, and his funeral. Severide struggles with his last words to his father, and his mother sits him down and tells him that how he lives his life is “what will define you.”

Fans were hoping for Sheridan’s return; she’s a warm, loving character, and treats her son well. Severide had a rocky relationship with his father, but it seems like he had a pretty good one with his mother. Fans wanted to see their dynamic play out a little more.

But alas, Kim Delaney didn’t return in the second episode and we’re unsure if she’ll appear again or when. As of 2020, it seems like Kim Delaney signed on for a “General Hospital” role. Delaney rose to popularity as Jenny Gardner on “All My Children,” so going back to daytime soaps is like going back to her roots. There’s no news as of yet if she’s going to return to her role as Jennifer Sheridan on “Chicago Fire,” but fans can hope.

‘Chicago Fire’: Season of Change is Coming for Winter Finale

“Chicago Fire”‘s winter finale airs on Dec. 8; titled “Winterfest,” it promises lots of changes for our favorite Chicagoans. What could possibly be going on in the episode? Here’s what we know could change so far.

First, Sylvie Brett is dealing with her long-distance relationship with Matt Casey. Jesse Spencer left “Chicago Fire” as Casey in the 200th episode, citing other creative projects and time with family. So far, there’s no sign that Casey could be coming back from Oregon, where he went to take care of the Darden kids. It’s possible that Brett’s big change on the show could be the end of her relationship.

Second, Stella Kidd has been away promoting her Girls On Fire program across the country; could a change for her mean her return to Firehouse 51? A lot of fans wanted her to take Casey’s place as lieutenant, but now it looks like Jason Pelham is settling in. Could there be drama in the firehouse if Stella comes back?