‘Chicago Fire’: Will Stella Actually Get Her Chance to Be Lieutenant?

by Shelby Scott

“Chicago Fire” is in the throes of change following the departure of the show’s lead character, Captain Matt Casey. This week’s newest episode introduces a brand new replacement to fill Casey’s position on Truck 81. Now, we can’t help but wonder whether Lieutenant Stella Kidd will get a chance to put her newly earned position to use.

Following Spencer’s departure, “Chicago Fire” fans everywhere wondered which of our beloved characters would step into the former Captain’s role. Many speculated the fireman’s best friend, Lieutenant Kelly Severide, would take over. However, longtime fans of the show know his character is particularly dedicated to Squad 3. Meanwhile, “Chicago Fire” has two qualified Lieutenants in firefighter Christopher Herrmann and, as I said, Stella Kidd.

However, it appears “Chicago Fire” showrunners are throwing fans for a loop with a new face. On Wednesday night, “Chicago Fire” will introduce Casey’s replacement, a brand new cast member for the beloved show, Brett Dalton.

According to TVLine, Dalton will make his debut as interim Lieutenant Jason Pelham amid Casey’s departure. However, showrunner Derek Haas has emphasized the “interim” part of the new character’s title. He hinted immediately replacing the 10-season regular with a permanent brand new face would be a disservice to Stella.

Meanwhile, “Chicago Fire” regulars know Stella has spent the last several episodes off in Boston, extending her Girls On Fire program across the states. For now, we anxiously await her return. Although, we have to wonder just what changes will come to Firehouse 51 during the fan-favorite firefighter’s absence.

‘Chicago Fire’s’ Newest Episode Promises Heightened Tension

With the addition of “Chicago Fire’s” latest cast member, this week’s episode follows tight on the heels of last week’s adrenaline-pumping scenarios.

This week, it appears the two major plot lines for the upcoming episode surround Severide’s intensifying arson case and Casey’s replacement. While the arson case remains mystifying, with potential new intentionally lit fires igniting across Chicago, we are likely to see some disagreements taking place back at 51.

According to the latest episode’s synopsis:

“Gallo clashes with the new lieutenant temporarily filling in for Casey. Severide closes in on a dangerous and deadly arsonist.”

While we’ve seen some of our favorite “Chicago Fire” characters clash before, this week promises a major problem. The captain’s departure surely affects many of our firefighters in different ways. However, because Casey took a chance on Gallo and taught him how to truly be a fireman, the new character is sure to see some grief from the younger man.

Additionally, previews for this week’s episode highlights Severide’s arson case as tension runs high. He and his temporary partner Seager continue to seek out the arsonist following the attempted murder on the previously suspected priest. As always, things appear to turn awry, and we hear Chief Boden forcing a building’s evacuation.

Overall, things don’t look good and we can’t wait to see how the episode plays out.