‘Chicago Fire’: Will Truck 51 Support Pelham over Stella as Next Lieutenant?

by Jonathan Howard

It seems that there is some drama going on over at Chicago Fire. Is Jason Pelham going to be promoted despite his shaky background and past? Fans are worried the newcomer could jump Stella Kidd for the next Lieutenant position.

Stella is out participating in the Girls on Fire program. So the character is traveling the country to do that outreach, a passion of hers. However, she is expected to be back this season at some point. When she comes back, is she going to realize someone else has jumped her for that promotion? Pelham has moved in and now, there are signs that could point to conflict over the Lieutenant role.

While fans have been growing concerned with this, it isn’t likely. Already we know a few things about Chicago Fire‘s latest bad boy firefighter. Pelham arrived and immediately Mouch and Herrmann grew suspicious of him. Looking into his past, they discover he has been to six stations in just two years. That isn’t the kind of turnover you want to see as an employer. Especially in the life-saving business.

He punched his former commanding officer and since then has been bouncing around. If we are to believe the showrunner, there is nothing to worry about. Pelham is not going to be a permanent character. The wayward firefighter is likely going to remain that way.

With the lack of trust Pelham has gotten from Truck 51, it doesn’t look like Stella is going to be jumped. There isn’t a guarantee she will be a Lieutenant tomorrow, but it looks like the job is going to be hers to lose when she does come back to the station. Chicago Fire keeps us hanging onto our seats as the midseason finale approaches.

‘Chicago Fire’ Jason Pelham Is Not a Good Fit for 51

This is looking like a transitional period in the show. There isn’t much information about what is coming up around the corner. However, the midseason finale is approaching and that means we will probably be left with a cliffhanger type ending before the break. Chicago Fire has a lot of decisions to make in terms of Pelham.

While he has proven himself capable and courageous, Pelham might not be the best fit for the station. He has a rough past and plays by the beat of his own drum. That can make a great firefighter, but he also needs to be a team player. With the past he has, it is likely that we see his temper or hard-headedness catch up to him again.

Chicago Fire fans are just ready to see Stella come back. They love the work she is doing out on the road with her program. Despite that, it is clear there is a missing piece of the team on the show. Until that return does happen, there will be so many questions about what is next for Truck 81 at Firehouse 51.