‘Chicago Fire’: Wolf Entertainment Takes You Behind the Scenes of a Huge Explosion

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Imagine getting a chance to see a large fiery explosion happen that will end up as part of Chicago Fire. Well, today is your lucky day.

Wolf Entertainment, which is the hub of franchise activity for Chicago Fire and the other One Chicago family members, put this on Instagram on Friday.

Let’s feast our eyes upon what this massive explosion looks like right here.

See, you get a chance to be behind the camera, too, at this moment.

Fans who follow the Instagram account had some comments after seeing this post as well.

One writes, “Wowwwww”, while another says, “Love you sharing behind scenes.”

This Chicago Fire fan was more to the point: “Love these!! So badass too!!”

And this respondent says, “WHOA !! This was an amazing scene! Also scary as I travel a lot and always are in a couple of tunnels on the mountains!”

There you go, Outsiders. Just a taste of replies as fans of this Dick Wolf show share their thoughts and observations.

Chicago Fire comes on NBC on Wednesday night. Yes, it is part of the One Chicago franchise under the guidance of Wolf and his team.

‘Chicago Fire’ Has To Halt Production Of Shows Because of Positive COVID Tests

In a sign of the times, Chicago Fire had to close down production of its shows due to some positive COVID-19 tests.

This means that those shows which were in the process of being worked on and potentially completed had to stop.

With a broadcast break coming on NBC for the Winter Olympics, this might be a chance for the show to catch up in time.

Well, according to an article from Deadline, there are multiple zones of the Chicago Fire studio which have reported positive cases. This does include Zone A, which does involve all of the actors and crew members that work alongside them on the drama.

Chicago Fire was getting back on the program’s set after a holiday break. The show resumed filming on Tuesday. Then on Wednesday, Wolf Entertainment and Universal Television announced the COVID outbreak.

With guidelines set by the City of Los Angeles and the NBCU Production Playbook, the studio will have to go through contact tracing. This will have to be done before restarting the filming process.

Sources told Deadline that producers hope the cast and crew can return either on Monday or Tuesday.

Chicago Fire is one of many broadcast series that announced temporary production halts today, all due to the highly contagious Omicron variant. Most studios only expect closures of one or two days. Some shows like  NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles are not coming back to work until February.