‘Chicago Med’ Achieves Major Milestone This Season

by Shelby Scott

Overall, 2021 has been a big year for NBC‘s “One Chicago” trio of shows as all three remain in the top slots for the network’s most-watched scripted series regarding total viewers. While “Chicago Fire” took the largest overall audience following the premiere of the show’s midseason finale, “Chicago Med” continues to hold its own as it marks one major milestone this season.

According to One Chicago Center, “Chicago Med” has become the most-watched medical drama of the 2021-2022 season regarding total viewers. That’s a major statement as the seven-season show stands alongside long-running classic, “Grey’s Anatomy.”

As per the outlet, the series has averaged an impressive season-to-date total of 6.7 million viewers weekly. “Chicago Med” comes off as a rookie show compared to “Grey’s Anatomy,” now in its 18th season. However, that said, “Chicago Med” has far out-beat ABC’s competing medical drama this season as it has consistently averaged only 4.1 million total viewers through the fall finale.

Meanwhile, it has also far topped out other competing medical dramas. These include “New Amsterdam” and “The Resident.”

So far this season, “New Amsterdam’s” ratings and “The Resident’s” alike far pale in comparison to “Chicago Med.”

The latter has consistently reigned in an impressive 6.7 million viewers weekly. On the other hand, the prior two shows continue to see between 3 and 3.2 million. Together, their scores still fall behind the NBC medical drama.

Hopefully, in 2022, Outsiders continue to see “Chicago Med” and the rest of “One Chicago” on the rise.

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Kept on Toes Regarding One Character’s Fate

What’s made season seven of “Chicago Med” captivating are the events that unfolded and transpired from last season until now. A prime example came following the severe gunshot wound Dr. Ethan Choi sustained at the end of season six. Now, diving deeper into season seven, fans continue to worry about the character’s fate as he’s faced several hardships lately.

Choi actor Brian Tee remained largely absent during the early episodes of “Chicago Med” this season. In reality, we shared with Outsiders the actor had been busy working on another project alongside his role on “Chicago Med.” The new project initially kicked off rumors regarding the character’s departure.

Then Choi returned and all was well. However, he almost immediately performed an intense surgery that, once again, put the good doctor out of commission and has us all concerned all over again.

Fortunately, executive producer Diane Frolov assures us that Brian Tee intends to return to “Chicago Med” when the show returns next month. According to TV Line, Frolov said, “We’ll see [Choi] again in the midst of his therapy.”

She added, “In Episode 12, we will check in again with him.”

Breathe a sigh of relief Outsiders as both Choi and “Chicago Med” will return soon with all-new episodes next month.