‘Chicago Med’ Shares Behind-the-Scenes Clip of Stunt Actors Creating Fight Scene

by Shelby Scott

I’ve said it before, but NBC‘s “One Chicago” franchise is fantastic at letting fans take peeks behind the scenes of some of the most intense scenes. Some sneak peeks have included shorts clips of emergency situations on the set of “Chicago Med.” Others have given us close-up looks at some intricately designed crash dummies, substituting the use of genuine actors.

This week, Wolf Entertainment took us behind the scenes of one of “Chicago Med’s” latest stunts. Check out the unique footage below.

Not only do we get a peek behind the scenes of one intense on-screen struggle/tackle. Wolf Entertainment gave us three different perspectives from which to view this “Chicago Med” scene. And truthfully, I’ve watched each individual frame loop several times over.

According to the post, the stuntmen have fall pads that blend with the carpet, undetected on the air by viewers. As to the boxes in the background? Empty, just to serve as a fall break.

Is it the most complex of behind-the-scenes stunts? No, but knowing about the fall pads and empty boxes give us a little perspective. It at least shows how these characters can go home at the end of a day of shooting and avoid bumps, scrapes, and bruises.

Can’t wait to see what stunts take place on “Chicago Med” next week. Perhaps we’ll even get access to more behind-the-scenes clips.

‘Chicago PD’ Star Potentially Heads Over to ‘Chicago Med’

Following all three of “One Chicago’s” premieres, fans have been dying for another major crossover like we saw with the major event, “Infection.” So far, showrunners haven’t satisfied us with any major announcements. However, we did recently see a mini “Chicago Fire”/”Chicago PD” crossover featuring Officer Kevin Atwater.

Now, however, “Chicago PD” actor Jesse Lee Soffer may be headed over to “Chicago Med” following the latest drama on the former.

Always coy, Wolf Entertainment shared a cryptic clue pointing to Soffer’s potential appearance on “Chicago Med.” In the post, the production network wrote, “Perhaps [Jesse Lee Soffer] will pop over to [‘Chicago Med’] soon?”

No additional clues were given regarding the actor’s potential “Chicago Med” appearance. However, beneath the post, one follower wrote, “jay halstead come help your brother,” and truthfully, we’d love to see it.

As you well know, Jay’s brother Will stars over on “Chicago Med.” Previously, the two have come together in certain crossovers. Nevertheless, Outsiders can’t get enough of either of the Halstead brothers. A potential “Chicago PD”/”Chicago Med” mini crossover is an opportunity we’d definitely grab at if we could.