‘Chicago Med’: Brian Tee Says Fans Will Get a Better Understanding of Ethan After Meeting His Dad

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Med fans are about to get way more backstory and understanding on fan-favorite Ethan Choi. Actor Brian Tee says fans will get a better understanding of Ethan after we finally get to meet his dad. Ethan Choi has been a huge favorite since season 1, and fans have really missed him this season.

Choi took a break from the hospital after he was almost killed in last year’s season finale. He’s only been back for a couple of episodes, but he’s finally making a return and it looks like it will hopefully be more permanent this time around.

In an interview with TV Insider, Ethan Choi actor Brian Tee discussed how his return is going to go down, and teased what it’s going to be like for fans to get an introduction to Choi’s father.

“In this episode, you’ll meet Ethan’s dad Patrick Choi (Francois Chau), and in doing so you’ll get a better understanding of him. Ethan is a complicated individual,” the Chicago Med actor said. “He’s had a troubled past and experienced a lot of trauma in his life. He tried to live by a code of morals and ethics, that has led to who he is and the choices he’s made. Change has to come and that is what you’ll see in seasons to come and what I’m excited about what’s next for Ethan.”

Dr. Choi is Coming Back a Bit Changed

Everyone has kept pretty quiet about what Patrick Choi is actually going to be like. But fans are really excited to see a new side of Dr. Choi. Especially after he’s been gone for so long, it’ll be nice to see him get the spotlight.

Tee has also noted that Choi will return to the Hospital quite changed. During his downtime, he’s had a lot of time to reflect and heal from his near-death experience. But it’s still a very traumatic event. The added trauma and the additional time he’s had to reflect on his life and what he wants is making him into a bit of a different man.

Here’s Why Brian Tee Needed a Break From ‘Chicago Med’

There’s a reason a fan-favorite character had to be written out of the start of this season. But don’t worry, it doesn’t look like Brian Tee is leaving for good. The Chicago Med actor did, however, get an amazing opportunity to star in an Amazon Prime original called The Expats alongside Nicole Kidman.

The limited series currently doesn’t have a release date. It’s based on a novel called The Expatriates by Janice Y. K. Lee. It follows what’s described as a close-knit ex-patriot community. Tee was officially announced as a part of the cast in September 2021.

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