‘Chicago Med’: Brian Tee Says Fans Will See a ‘Different’ Dr. Choi When He Returns

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Med star Brian Tee says fans should prepare to see a different Dr. Choi when he returns to the series. But honestly, fans are just excited to see him return to the show. Dr. Choi’s whole world was rocked when he was shot and nearly killed in last year’s Chicago Med season finale. And this season, he’s made a couple of returns but hasn’t been ready to come back in full yet.

And when he does, Choi is going to be changed. He’s had a lot of time to reflect on what happened. In an interview with TV Insider, Tee discussed those changes.

“Physically he’s getting stronger and back in shape. But it’s much more of the mental that he has to work on,” he said. Mental wounds can be complex to heal, and Choi was already dealing with a lot.

“What he’s gone through and is still going through can really change a person, so you’ll see a different Ethan than fans are used to when he returns,” Tee continued.

Chicago Med is trying to realistically tackle this near-death experience. And when someone is attacked like Choi was, that can permanently alter your mental health. Choi will have to deal with that traumatic event still, long after his physical injuries have healed (as much as they can).

The Recent Trauma in the ‘Chicago Med’ Season Finale Caused Dr. Choi to Reflect

Additionally, Dr. Choi has already been dealing with trauma before this, so it’s going to be hard to recover.

“Ethan has been seriously dealing with PTSD since Season One. It’s a continual process, But I think any trauma such as the one Ethan [recently]experienced, would make anyone reflect on life,” he explained. Dr. Choi will come back to the Hospital having taken a big look at himself and his wants.

“Who he is, what he’s doing, and what it means… You’ll see Ethan’s growth and maybe even transformation as he deals with this experience. I believe Ethan will see things differently and hopefully fans will see and see different sides to Ethan,” he finished.

Chicago Med fans have been waiting for Ethan Choi’s return all season. And while we’ve gotten close to seeing him come back for good, it looks like he’ll soon finally be ready to commit.

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Chicago Med, meanwhile, airs on Wednesday nights at 8/7 central on NBC. The two other shows in the One Chicago franchise, Chicago Fire and Chicago PD air right after if you want to stick around.