‘Chicago Med’: Brian Tee’s Ethan Makes Big Return in Upcoming Episode

by Shelby Scott

It’s been quite a rough go for some of our favorite “One Chicago” cast members following the close of the previous seasons. Among those confronting mental and physical recovery during the new seasons are “Chicago Fire’s” Joe Cruz, “Chicago P.D.’s” Kim Burgess, and “Chicago Med’s” Ethan Choi. To this point, we’ve seen Cruz and Burgess on the rise from last seasons’ trauma. However, our beloved “Chicago Med” doctor continues to recover both physically and mentally from a gunshot wound.

As such, Choi’s Brian Tee has been largely absent from season seven’s earliest episodes. However, “Chicago Med” fans are in luck this week. It appears one of our favorite characters finally returns in full force. CarterMatt shared episode seven’s synopsis and Dr. Ethan Choi fans should be ecstatic. The description goes as follows:

Crockett helps Dr. Blake replace a patient’s liver. Vanessa tries to prove herself. Will continues to pursue the truth about Cooper. Ethan gets closer to returning to life in the E.D.”

Hopefully this means one of the main plots throughout the episode puts a major highlight on Choi. So far, we’ve seen more than half a dozen episodes without highlighting his recovery. This week it appears we could see Choi back in full spectrum. Or, that is, at least, as full spectrum as he can be following his traumatic experience.

Further, “Chicago Med,” alongside its sister series, have been known to draw out handfuls of their most important plot lines. Because Choi’s recovery is so central to the show, we can only hope this means we’ll see the doctor more frequently.

‘Chicago Med’ Actor Working on Another Project

As “Chicago Med” showrunners and media outlets have made clear in the weeks since the show’s new season premiere, Dr. Ethan Choi actor Brian Tee does not appear to be leaving the set of the hit “One Chicago” set. However, while we’ve missed him on screens the last few weeks, we’ve learned he’s actually committed himself to another project, forcing the actor to diverge his time between his latest project and “Chicago Med.”

Cinema Blend revealed that the star’s overlapping project consists of an upcoming series on Amazon Prime. The actor is set to star alongside actress Nicole Kidman in the streaming network’s new show, “Expats.” The outlet stated the series is based on the critically-acclaimed novel, “The Expatriates.”

Showrunner Diane Frolov confirmed Tee will make more frequent appearances later this season following an interview with TVLine. She stated, “We have a couple of episodes devoted to [Choi’s] physical recovery, and then we’ll pursue the emotional and mental recovery.”

As this week prominently feature’s Tee’s character within the synopsis, we can assume that this is potentially the start of that series of episodes dedicated to the doctor’s recovery.