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‘Chicago Med’: Could Yaya DaCosta Make a Return to the Show?

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

With the fate of her new series Our Kind of People still up in the air, fans of Chicago Med are wondering if Yaya DaCosta will return to the medical drama should her availability open up. 

According to One Chicago Center, the fan website for the Chicago franchise, DaCosta’s fan-favorite character, April Sexton, has been sorely missed on Chicago Med. She left the series at the end of its sixth season and fans are beginning to wonder if she will ever make an appearance. 

Although Our Kind of People has had a solid critical response, the FOX series has not received any news of its potential renewal. However, One Chicago Center does believe that in the event the new show does actually get canceled by the network, it’s not likely that DaCosta will return to Chicago Med. 

Yaya DaCosta told TV Line in October that she would return as a guest star on Chicago Med. “My experience on Chicago Med was absolutely lovely,” DaCosta stated. “I loved the cast and crew. And it was difficult to leave on a personal level. But not on a professional level.”

The Chicago fan platform also stated that Chicago Med showrunners Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider are open to bringing DaCosta back. This is due to the show not giving DaCosta’s character a huge send-off. 

“We didn’t really discuss [a goodbye] because we don’t see that April is gone in the same way. In the sense that we know April’s OK,” the Chicago Med showrunners further explained. They also noted that April is studying to be a nurse and they believe she could come back eventually. 

Following ‘Chicago Med,’ Yaya DaCosta States She’s Looking For More Challenging Roles 

During a recent interview with the Huffington Post, the former Chicago Fire star admitted she’s looking for roles that are more challenging. “I’m really grateful for this experience,” DaCosta stated about her role on Our Kind of People. “Even when there are obstacles.”

DaCosta then explains that the new series is showing her that she has new muscles. “I’ve had them all along, but I haven’t exercised them. So [the show is] giving me an opportunity to know myself more. To know what I’m capable of. And to use my gifts on a bigger scale.”

When speaking about her Our Kind of People character, Angela Vaughn, the Chicago Med alum stated, “I love Angela’s drive. I love her expressiveness. There are moments where she holds something in. But for the most part, she speaks her mind.”

The former Chicago Med star goes on to add that she loves her Our Kind of People character’s obsession with hair “She’s a hair artist. I happen to be, as Yaya, obsessed with hair. So it was really fun for me to truly start envisioning how I could put that on display in this character.”