‘Chicago Med’ Crew Became Real-Life Heroes While Filming One Episode

by Jacklyn Krol

The crew of Chicago Med are heroes behind the scenes and actually saved lives while on set.

Wolf Entertainment revealed that the amazing feat took place while filming the Season 7 episode “Just as a Snake Sheds its Skin.” Retired Chicago fire captain and current Chicago Med transportation team member Edward Freemon was the first to smell smoke.

They realized that an apartment building nearby caught on fire. Freemon along with electrician rigging crew members Pauli Blanco and Chris Sammarco entered the building without fire safety equipment. They checked each unit and discovered two people. One woman was seen screaming out of a window attempting to get someone’s attention. the 65 and 92-year-old women were rescued by the three men.

Their training came in handy realizing how serious the situation was. The electricity made it more dangerous and the blaze was creeping up behind them.

“When my face started to burn from the heat, I knew the fire was coming right behind us,” Freemon said. “Pauli grabbed the woman, Chris took the wheelchair, and I took the second woman out. She had big glasses on. I’ll never forget it. She couldn’t see; she was screaming. I told her to calm down and just hold onto my hand.”

The women were on the third floor with the one being in a wheelchair. Freemon said that the woman had such a tight grip that he described it as a “death grip.” His arm began to turn blue.

‘Chicago Med’ Meets ‘Chicago Fire’ Situation

“Both people would’ve been dead, there’s no doubt about it. They were too old, they couldn’t make it down the stairs,” he admitted.

“If I could’ve seen it, I would’ve held my breath. I saw the eyes of this older woman and I thought, ‘We’re either both going or both staying. But as I turned around, with the woman on my shoulder, I just sucked it all in. Any small thing was life or death. I’m praying to God ‘Please don’t let me fall with her,’” the Chicago Med rigger Bianco added.

They all made it out safe and current fire officials were on their way to the scene.

“The taste and the smell. It was almost mesmerizing,” Bianco continued. “I’m getting choked up. It’s actually touching when I think about it. The right people were there at the right time. Somebody put us there. Something put us there.”