‘Chicago Med’: Crockett Seems Destined to Rebound from Natalie with Other Coworker

by Shelby Scott

The latest seasons from the “One Chicago” franchise have already seen much drama regarding the hits shows’ romantic relationships. Five episodes in, “Chicago Fire’s” newest couple, Matt Casey and Sylvie Brett, saw their newly launched relationship practically come to an end. Matt Casey actor Jesse Spencer officially announced his departure from the show last week. Meanwhile, “Chicago Med” showrunners appear to be pushing Dr. Crockett Marcel into a relationship rebound with one of the show’s medical students.

Following Marcell’s breakup with Natalie Manning, it appears the doctor has put himself on an all-new path regarding his career. Marcell recently ended his latest relationship after the actress’s departure at the end of “Chicago Med” Season 6. “Chicago Med” producers previously revealed that, following the breakup, Marcell “is going to be a much more grounded character now. He’s going to be looking to really set down roots in Chicago.”

Latest indications hint those roots could grow with his mentee, Vanessa. Distractify proposed Marcell and Vanessa have “genuine chemistry.”

Now, fans are excited to see whether or not the potential relationship ignites. Already, during the fourth episode of this season of “Chicago Med,” Vanessa confided in Dr. Hammer that she does have feelings for Marcell. However, lately she’s been brushing those sentiments aside.

Nevertheless, “Chicago Med” executive producer Andrew Schneider revealed to TVLine, Marcell is “going to find a very interesting new romance.” As such, the “One Chicago” relationship saga ensues.

Will ‘Chicago Med’ See Another Character Departure?

While Dr. Marcell and Vanessa work out their potential new romance, one “Chicago Med” character has remained absent from Season 7. Brian Tee’s beloved character, Dr. Ethan Choi, remains off-screen so far as he continues to recover from a bullet wound injury sustained last season. As next Wednesday premieres the sixth episode of the latest season, fans wonder when the good doctor will be back.

Several factors point to the star’s potential leave. However, for now, we have no confirmation whether or not that leave would be permanent. “Chicago Med” producers pointed out that season seven does feature a handful of episodes dedicated to Choi’s recovery. But none of those have debuted so far.

Executive producer Diane Frolov shared the claim with TVLine, pointing out that, following Choi’s physical recovery, “Chicago Med” plans to feature some of the doctor’s mental and emotional recovery.

Concerning Tee’s real-life reason for his ongoing absence, the outlet revealed the “Chicago Med” star is actually off working on another project. Fortunately, producers of the NBC hit show had been made aware of Tee’s endeavors early enough that they could work his absence into the new season.

Nevertheless, “Chicago Med” fans miss Choi’s weekly appearances on the show. As Wednesday airs the hit show’s 6th episode already, perhaps the good doctor will make an appearance sooner rather than later.