‘Chicago Med’: Did Dean Push Ethan Too Far To Keep Control of the ED?

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

Dr. Archer seems to be up to something on Chicago Med. And whatever it is could leave Dr. Choi out of a job.

On the last episode of Chicago Med, Dr. Ethan Choi was finally back to work. The chief of Gaffney’s emergency depart had been away for most of the season due to injuries sustained during the season six closer. So One Chicago doctors and fans alike were happy to see his face once again.

But his return was brief. Because after pushing himself too hard, he collapsed in the arms of Marcel. And now he’s taking another leave of absence in order to undergo a multi-level spinal fusion procedure, which is a two-month ordeal.

Dr. Choi’s collapse appeared to come from overexertion. He is a classic workaholic after all. But after paying close attention, we noticed that Dr. Dean Archer seemed to play a sinister role in the situation, too. And because Archer has always had it out for Choi—and has always had his eye on Choi’s job—we’re wondering if he purposely convinced Choi to push himself to the breaking point.

What Went Down on Season 7 Episode 8 of ‘Chicago Med’

Since returning to Gaffney Medical Center, Ethan Choi has been relying on a back brace to get him through his long days. And he’s had to accept help from his fellow docs to ensure he doesn’t aggravate his injuries.

But in Just As a Snake Sheds Its Skin, Ethan stopped playing it safe to help a patient. The patient was going to miss the birth of his child due to a hernia. And the doctor wanted to make sure that didn’t happen.

So Ethan offered to perform a manual procedure that could help the patient get back on his feet and into the delivery room. Marcel instantly knew the whole thing was a terrible idea. And he warned Ethan that he could injure himself if he scrubbed in for the procedure. But Dr. Archer, who may just be the snake from the title, encouraged Ethan to go for it.

The procedure worked out great for the patient. He was back on his feet to see his child come into the world. But Dr. Choi doubled over in pain immediately after finishing. And he was rushed into an MRI, which revealed he had fractured his back in multiple spots.

Did Dr. Archer Intentionally Push Ethan Past His Limits?

So did Archer encourage Ethan to over-do it on purpose? Possibly. It wouldn’t be the first time the doctor was menacing. In season six, Archer got himself promoted to interim chief through some dastardly dealing.

It’s completely probable that Dr. Archer planned to push Ethan out of the emergency department so he could hold onto his power a little longer. And the plan could be the worst thing Archer has done. Meaning, he’s not just self-involved, he’s also a bit evil. Dr. Choi’s injuries could have a permanent effect on his life and career.