‘Chicago Med’: Ethan Choi Has ‘Been Changed’ By Traumatic Experience

by Taylor Cunningham

After last year’s tragic season finale, our favorite Chicago Med Chief of Emergency Medicine may never be the same.

Last season on Chicago Med, retired naval officer Dr. Ethan Choi tried to deescalate a confrontation between a former patient and Dr. Dean Archer. During an argument, the patient pulled a gun. And when Choi reached for the gun, he was shot in the chest.

Fortunately, Choi survived the attack thanks to quick intervention by Archer. But the doctor has spent months in recovery. And in current episodes, his emotional wounds are proving to be as deep as the physical ones.

During an interview with TV Line, Executive Producer Diane Frolov admitted that Ethan Choi isn’t going to be the same after his crisis.

“He’s been changed,” she shared. “It’s been a very traumatic event for him to be shot like this and he’s been reevaluating himself because of it.”

Dr. Choi will lean on Dr. Charles while he works through the shooting. And Charles will prove to be a more than worthy confidant because he too was shot while working at Gaffney Medical Center. So he knows exactly what Choi is dealing with.

Why Dr. Choi Hasn’t Been a Regular Cast Member This Season on ‘Chicago Med’

During the season six closer of Chicago Med, Dr. Ethan Choi nearly died after a former patient shot him in the chest. Since the attack, the doctor has only been back to Gaffney a handful of times.

Choi made a couple of cameos this season, and then made what seemed to be a permanent return during episodes seven and eight. But ultimately, Choi pushed himself too hard while trying to help a patient. And he reinjured his back. So now it seems that Choi’s Brian Tee is taking another Chicago Med hiatus while his character has a multi-level spinal fusion procedure.

Originally, fans believed that Choi’s initial recovery would be showcased throughout this season. But instead, he recovered off-screen. Just as he’ll likely do after his next procedure.

Many fans have wondered if the shooting will end Choi’s run on Chicago Med. Because so many other long-term actors have left the show in recent years, it wouldn’t be shocking if another one exited.

But luckily, that is not the case. In fact, Choi’s actor Brian Tee recently renewed his contract with the series. So, he plans on sticking around for at least a few more years.

The reason that Brian Tee hasn’t been appearing on Chicago Med has to do with a new project. Tee is currently filming an Amazon Prime original titled Expats. And Choi’s recovery has opened the doors for him to work on multiple series.

We don’t know if Brian Tee will appear in many more of the season seven episodes because Choi’s procedure has a two-month recovery time. But at least we know the break is only temporary.