‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Getting Emotional Over One Scene

by Joe Rutland

When “Chicago Med” fans take a look at some of the show’s episodes, one scene is making them quite emotional these days.

An article from Looper puts the spotlight on last Wednesday night’s episode titled “When You’re A Hammer Everything’s A Nail.”

The scene at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center they are talking about includes Dr. Pamela Blake, played by Sarah Rafferty, and Dr. Crockett Marcel, played by Dominic Rains.

What is at the core of their scene? It has to do with organ transplants and the ethics behind it all.

Marcel had some concerns about dealing with relatives of a John Doe to get access to the patient’s organs.

Well, Blake offers a response. “Your patient had no chance of recovery,” she said. “And now, thanks to his cousin, both you and the hospital are relieved of any ethical concerns regarding his end-of-life decision-making.

“More importantly, someone in Milwaukee gets a chance to extend their life. What’s the problem?” Blake said.

Marcel still has concerns about it all. But Blake comes back around with another word or two.

“Crockett, it’s a sad fact that in this business, only 7 percent of transplants come from living donors,” she said on “Chicago Med.” “For someone to live, someone else has to die. If you can’t handle that, then maybe you weren’t cut out for transplant surgery after all.”  

‘Chicago Med’ Character’s Future Looks Like It Could Be Up In The Air

While that scene is causing fans to get emotional about “Chicago Med,” Crockett’s future might be questionable.

We take a look at an article from Cinema Blend and point out some current things that look similar to Crockett and Rhodes, who was played by Colin Donnell.

Crockett has been looking outside the ER. The same thing happened to Rhodes, whose final time on the show included a bloody mess that took his father and romantic partner’s lives.

Well, “Chicago Med” fans will be watching closely for any change in Crockett’s status.

Former Cast Member Feels Like Her Character Didn’t Get Closure On Show

It’s interesting to note that one “Chicago Med” actor who is no longer on the show feels like her character didn’t get closure.

April Sexton was no longer on the show after the sixth season.

Actress YaYa DaCosta, who played April, did not mince words when talking about her exit. Was their closure around her relationship?

“No, not at all,” YaYa DaCosta said. “I think that when [the finale] was written, the idea of April not being at Gaffney Medical Center, and me not being on the show, was not even a thought.”