‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Split Over Dr. Manning

by Amy Myers

Natalie Manning is one of those characters that can cause a war between Chicago Med fans. Some will vouge for her spot among the elite staff, while others will say she isn’t worthy to be on such a skilled team. Either way, Torrey DeVitto’s character causes a strong reaction among the audience, and whether you love her or hate her, she’s become a pivotal part of the show.

She came onto the show innocently enough. In the debut season of Chicago Med, she played the part of a pregnant, grieving widow throwing herself into her work to avoid dealing with her own emotions. And throughout her initial episodes, she proved to be a diligent and dedicated emergency doctor. Really, if you’ve only watched the first season or two of Chicago Med, you’ll likely fall in love with Dr. Manning. However, the further into the series you get, the more Dr. Manning finds herself in trouble.

The debate over fans’ affliction for Dr. Natalie Manning came to a head at the end of Season 6 when the doctor decided to steal drugs for her ailing mother. Though fellow Chicago Med star Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) initially took the fall for her mistake, the coworker fessed up to her misjudgment and left Gaffney Chicago Medical Center.

Chicago Med fans took to Reddit to discuss their feelings on the doctor and her last days on the show, sparing no detail in their explanations.

“She is so inconsistent with her judgement [sic] as you will see – plus she gets so overly emotional especially when it comes to children and she acts like ONLY she can understand because she’s a mother,” a passionate Chicago Med fan wrote. “She will put her emotions surrounding children above what is actually medically best for them.”

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Find Dr. Manning ‘Entitled’

The discussion over Dr. Manning’s ethics and judgment came about when a fellow Chicago Med fan asked, “why do y’all hate manning so much?”

To be fair, this fan had only reached Episode 7 in the entire series, so, they had a lot to learn about Dr. Manning.

Nevertheless, others on the thread took the opportunity to educate the new fan, narrowing in on Manning’s biggest mistakes over the years. Throughout the discussion, all opponents of the Chicago Med character had the same conclusion: Dr. Manning was judgmental.

“She’s judgemental [sic] of any mistake other parents make,” one Chicago Med enthusiast wrote. “She never thinks she’s wrong. She thinks she’s the golden parent even though she never sees her own kid. Very entitled.”

Bed manner aside, one fan brought up a very serious issue with the medical professional – ethics. Without a good moral compass, it’s hard to trust a coworker or a doctor in the emergency department. The fan cited the incident in which Dr. Manning embarked on a romantic relationship with a patient’s family member.

“Her relationship with Philip was SO unethical. The man’s wife had just died, and he was a patient’s family member, and she entered into a relationship with him? So not ok.”