‘Chicago Med’ Fans Can’t Get Enough of One Couple

by Joe Rutland

Don’t mind those Chicago Med fans as they are just having a wonderful time watching one couple share their love on the screen.

Well, who is this couple and what do they have that’s special?

We’re going to check this out with some help from Looper.

Let’s look at Season 7, Episode 10 of Chicago Med. It appears that viewers saw something which sent the Internet buzzing.

Oh yeah, it’s all about the hook up with them online.

The show’s episode is titled No Good Deed Goes Unpunished…In Chicago is where all this action happens.

‘Chiago Med’ Episode Shows FBI Investigating For Fraud Issues

So, the FBI starts to look at some people for fraud issues. Will Halstead, played by Nick Gehlfuss, is involved here and feels conflicted about incriminating Sabeena, played by Tehmina Sunny.

In this Chicago Med episode, Stevie, played by Kristen Hager, at one point seems jealous of Will’s former dalliance with Sabeena. This moment has social media on fire with possibilities.

One Chicago Med fan tweeted out, “Wait, did Stevie feel a little jealous if Will did slept with Jessa?! Ohhhh….. #ChicagoMed.” Another fan says that they see “a future relationship” for both characters. One more Chicago Med fan says that they “missed Stevie and Will working together.”

Four episodes are left in this season. Chicago Med fans will watch and see what develops.

TV Show Is Simply Kicking Tail When It Comes To Current Medical Dramas

Get a load of this stat about Chicago Med. It’s kicking booty compared to other current medical dramas on TV.

This information comes courtesy of fan website One Chicago Center.

See, Chicago Med is the most-watched medical drama in the 2021-22 season when it comes to total viewers. What a major statement! Think of this for a minute, Outsiders.

It is doing better than ABC legacy show Grey’s Anatomy.

We are not kidding.

Chicago Med has averaged a season-to-date total of 6.7 million viewers weekly. Grey’s Anatomy is in its 18th season. But the NBC show is just walloping the ABC show. Grey’s Anatomy is averaging only 4.1 million total viewers through the fall finale.

The NBC medical drama has been just walloping other medical dramas like New Amsterdam and The Resident.

Of course, Chicago Med is part of the One Chicago franchise under the watchful eyes of Dick Wolf.

In this field of medical dramas that are just filling up TV screens these days, having a top one in the franchise universe is a solid win.

No doubt that this news pleases NBC immensely. So, the medical drama will just keep moving forward with its storylines. Keep an eye on how the show does for the rest of this season, too.