‘Chicago Med’ Fans Were Confused By One Dr. Marcel Scene

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

When the faithful fans of Chicago Med happen to see this scene with Dr. Crockett Marcel in it, they are confused. They want some clarity.

We will try and give it to them. And we’re going to get a little help from an article by Looper. Dr. Marcel is played by Dominic Rains.

The scene that causes some Chicago Med fans a lot of stomach aches does involve Marcel and Pamela Blake, played by Sarah Rafferty. The episode comes from Season 7 and is titled Secret Santa Has a Gift for You. Both Marcel and Blake find themselves under the mistletoe at the annual Christmas party. This leads to a passionate kiss, even though Marcel is dating Blake’s daughter.

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Not Happy With A Certain Holiday Kissing Moment

Sound the alarm bells right here. Over on Reddit, one fan just does not see the sense in this at all.

“Am I the only one who is confused, are they setting up a love interest as Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake or Dr. Marcel and Dr. Blake’s daughter????” the Redditor writes. Another one states: “This is the Bermuda love triangle. I do not want to see mom and daughter romancing Marcel … It wasn’t long ago Marcel was going gaga for Natalie [Manning].” 

Oh boy, here’s some more Chicago Med complaining as the fans are coming in red hot. This Redditor believes this scene was just a way to add another relationship to the show.

“IMO, he’s being set up for one of those train-wreck situations,” the fan writes. “Like there isn’t enough going on in that hospital to satisfy everyone’s disaster appetite.”

Show’s Characters Find Themselves In Different Events Due to Situations

And the morality police did not like that scene one bit. It appears that fans think both Marcel and Blake went too far with the Christmas smooch. 

Chicago Med just finds its core characters pushing the envelope about behavior. Sometimes, this could be due to just being in the stressful areas of an emergency room.

Other times, it might be looking at judgments on a personal level. Remember when Dr. Will Halstead, played by Nick Gehlfuss, gets badgered by Dr. Sharon Goodwin, played S. Epatha Merkerson, into reluctantly spying on a colleague? That had to do with a storyline involving an investigation into faulty hospital equipment.

If these fans are upset about this stuff, then just imagine their impatience over not seeing new episodes for a stretch. It is going to happen, Chicago Med fans, because NBC is the host network for the Winter Olympics. As the Games begin to start, they are going to knock off a lot of your favorite shows.