‘Chicago Med’ Fans Have Been Missing This Character in Recent Seasons

by Joe Rutland

When watching a show like Chicago Med, then it’s quite understandable to like some characters. But fans are missing this one.

Which character are these fans talking about? Well, let’s get some info on this with a little help from an article on Looper.

The fans are really in need of a return of the Chicago Med character Dr. Connor Rhodes, played by Colin Donnell. A Reddit thread just talked about characters like his, with the title “Just another ‘I miss Connor Rhodes’ post.” A Redditor writes, “I honestly couldn’t bring myself to keep watching after he left. I just felt like they just moved [past] it so quickly. Like ‘Oh I can’t believe that happened’ and then everything’s fine.”

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Really Wish That Dr. Rhodes Would Make A Comeback

Another fan starts another thread on Reddit and writes, “Anybody else miss the s**t out of him? That whole thing that went down with Ava happened so damn fast and I was so mind blown and confused. Like- did that actually happen?”

Chicago Med fans have been busy on Reddit. Another Redditor writes, “I adore Dr. Rhodes! I wish he would come back.” This fan then goes off somewhere else and points out how the show quality diminished after Donnell left.

Fans want their Dr. Rhodes back ASAP. They see his departure as a turning point on the show.

Just know that Chicago Med can be really heavy on drama. Now, go ahead and count the number of cast members who have come and gone over the years. The events can either be abrupt or slow journeys into the sunset. Chicago Med also crosses over into other shows under the One Chicago umbrella.

Fans will go to Reddit or some other social media platform and start talking about their favorite characters.

You can watch this show along with its other Chicago brethren on NBC on Wednesday nights.

One Character Did Find Their Way Back To the NBC Medical Drama

While we have been talking about fans of Chicago Med wanting a specific old-school character to return, one that is very known to current fans did return.

Who? Brian Tee’s Ethan Choi did make a brief appearance, scrubbing back into his role on the hit NBC One Chicago series. Fans have not seen Ethan Choi since last year; way back in the eighth episode of this season.

What happened at that time? Choi just pushed himself too hard after major surgery.

Brian Tee has been filming the Amazon limited-series special, Expats. Due to his filming schedule with the new Amazon series, Tee isn’t expected to return to the One Chicago series fully until later this year. However, this one-episode guest appearance suits fine.