‘Chicago Med’ Fans Have a New Favorite Character

by Taylor Cunningham

If you’re loving Dr. Dylan Scott on Chicago Med, you’re not alone. He hasn’t been with the One Chicago franchise long. But the doctor has quickly become what some would call a “fan favorite.”

Last season on Chicago Med, we said goodbye to two well-loved Gaffney Chicago Medical Center originals, April Sexton and Natalie Manning. April left the hospital to further her career. And Natalie got herself in a bit of a bind when she stole medication for her dying mother. After confessing to her crimes, she lost her job.

With April and Natalie gone, Chicago Med was left with a gaping hole that could have made ratings plummet. But the series managed to fill the void with Dr. Dylan Scott.

For those of you who don’t know, Dylan is a former police officer who decided to trade in his badge for a stethoscope. And judging by social media, fans are smitten with the new character.

On October 6th, The official One Chicago Twitter page posted a Tweet that simply asked, “Isn’t Dr. Scott just the best?” And fans poured in with a unanimous answer—he absolutely is the best.

@brkaquay responded to One Chicago’s post by praising his good-natured personality.

“Absolutely,” she wrote. “Needed his beautiful soul this season… hope it doesn’t turn!!”

@RPopBox agreed that Dylan is an all-around talented person by writing “Great cop. Even better doctor. #ChicagoMed is lucky to have him. #OneChicago.”

And @Maika24 commented “Indeed! Great addition to the cast. Way to go, @GuyLockardReal!”

So, it looks like Gaffney made a great choice when it hired Dr. Dylan Scott. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for him on the show.

‘Chicago Med’ Star Tom Choi Reveals What It’s Like Working with a ‘Lot of Perfectionists’

According to Tom Choi, all of the actors and actresses on Chicago Med share one common goal.

During a 2020 interview with Starry Mag, Martin Lieu actor Tom Choi spoke about joining the cast of NBC’s hit drama Chicago Med. And he admitted that he didn’t know much about his co-workers before he was hired. He just knew they all came from impressive backgrounds. And he was thrilled to be a part of such an elite cast.

“To be honest, I wasn’t too familiar with the body of work of the other actors,” he said. “But I did know they came from a very long and diverse set of roles. So, I knew I would be working with some great actors.”

Once Choi began working, he realized that the other actors were a lot like him. They took their jobs seriously and wanted to be a series regular. And since everyone shared that same desire, they all became friends and created a great work atmosphere.

“The one true goal of any actor is to become a series regular on a television show,” he said when asked about his friendship with the cast members.  “To see actors who have been on the show for five seasons. It is really nice to observe their ease and the fluidity in which they speak and socialize with each other. Also, the way that the regulars interact with the director and really know how their performances were taped and if they could add more in doing one more take. A lot of perfectionists and that is important.”