‘Chicago Med’ Fans Are Split on Wanting a Relationship Between Two Characters

by Lauren Boisvert

It seems like “Chicago Med” fans are unsure if a relationship between Dr. Charles and Sharon Goodwin would be a good idea. According to a Reddit thread, the opinions are mixed.

The original post asked, “Am I the only one who feels a weird romantic tension between Charles and Goodwin?” Dr. Charles and Goodwin are great friends, and the jury is out on whether or not they should be in a relationship or not.

 “I think they are just great friends and get excited when they can hang out together,” one fan commented. Another fan replied, “I hope they keep it a friendship. There aren’t many positive female and male friendships on tv that don’t somehow end up in a romantic relationship. I like what they have now.”

On the other hand, some fans made the argument for a relationship being the natural progression of things. “I feel that if they ever go to that road it would be a natural thing and it would make sense because they’ve been friends for so long and they know each other really well,” one fan wrote, although they claimed they didn’t see the romantic spark between them at this time in the show.

Another commented, “I didn’t before but this season I do. I just love them. They’re the heart of the show IMO.”

The comments continue. It’s clear that most fans on this thread are split down the middle as to what they want from the “Chicago Med” friendship. It seems like it could go either way, but fans seem to be generally content with Dr. Charles and Goodwin’s friendship on “Chicago Med.”

‘Chicago Med’: Dr. Ethan Choi Returns

Fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of Brian Tee’s Dr. Ethan Choi on “Chicago Med“, and the showrunners have finally let us know when he’s coming back. Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov spoke with CinemaBlend about their show, revealing that Ethan will be back for a new storyline.

“Actually, we’re gonna see him again in Episode 12,” said Frolov. “So, in three more episodes, we’ll see him again. He’s still in recovery, and then he will come back a little bit later in the season. He’s going to have a very moving story with Dr. Charles in Episode 12.”

Ethan Choi has been on the sidelines for most of season 7, after being shot in season 6. According to the showrunners, we’re going to get a new look at Ethan’s background.

“We learn more about his background, his past, his family,” said Schneider when asked about the new plot. So, Ethan is finally recovered enough to return to work, but how will his experience affect him mentally? He’s already suffered from PTSD due to his military service; could this injury cause his issues to resurface?