‘Chicago Med’ Fans Still Can’t Get Over One Glaring Error

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

“Chicago Med” and the other shows in the “One Chicago” franchise are pretty good about continuity usually. But, with so many storylines, characters, and shows to keep track of, it makes sense that some things just slip through the cracks.

Take Will Halstead for example. There’s one continuity error surrounding this character that fans just can’t let go of, and for good reason. According to a post on Reddit, Will has three medical specialties.

“First when Dr. Halstead was introduced he was apparently a plastic surgeon from [New York],” the original post started, “then a couple of episodes later when a guy is hurt badly the firefighters refer to Will as a trauma surgeon to a patient which surprised me a lot. Now when I look back at Chicago med he is an ER doctor. Is this just poor writing or is it even possible to be three different kinds of doctors?”

There was someone in the thread who had some background medical knowledge. They commented, “While it is possible to have multiple board certifications (my husband is ER/Internal Medicine/ICU), it’s very uncommon to have completely different surgery certifications because of the rigorous training.”

So, it seems like this is a case of a continuity error and not a case of Will Halstead being a surgery Superman. Do you think this could be a case of Into the Chicago-verse, where each show is bringing in a slightly different version of Will Halstead from different dimensions? Probably not, but it’s fun to imagine.

‘Chicago Med’: Fans Are Hoping the Show Brings Back This Crossover

“Chicago Med”, “Fire”, and “PD” have already done plenty of crossovers, but there’s one in particular that fans are comping at the bit for.

The Halstead brothers haven’t been seen together in quite some time, and some fans on Twitter are airing their grievances. “When are we gonna get a Halstead Brothers scene again?! It’s been too long. Pleaseeeee!!” wrote one fan. Another wrote, “Yes please! We haven’t seen them since [the] Infection crossover.”

Recently, it looks like Will is getting into some trouble with the feds. Could his little brother Jay help him out there? Jay just got out of his own FBI situation, but he also blackmailed an agent, so maybe he’s not the best guy to ask for advice.

One thing’s for sure; when the Halstead brothers meet up again, fans are going be very satisfied. Another return the show has been teased for the past few episodes is Ethan Choi. The long-missing doctor will return in episode 12, with a new storyline and a look into his past and personal relationships. In the previous season, Ethan was shot while trying to tend to a patient. He hasn’t been in season 7 because he’s been recovering, but he’ll be back in tomorrow’s episode!