‘Chicago Med’ Fans Think One Scene With Dr. Choi Crossed the Line

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years there have been intense situations on Chicago Med. However, there is one scene that had fans thinking Dr. Choi had gone too far.

In a high-stress situation like working in a hospital, let alone an emergency room, emotions run high. Dr. Choi does everything that he thinks is right for his patients. Despite that, it doesn’t always mean he is right. It also doesn’t mean he is wrong. What it does mean is that there are more ways to do things than the way he does things.

In season 6, there was a moment where a patient had been tearing away at his stitching. It was clear that he was harming himself. However, the Chief of Psychiatry, Dr. Daniel Charles, interjected in the matter. When Choi wanted to restrain the patient, Charles denied the request.

Although the patient was calmed down without restraints or sedatives, Choi exploded on the psychiatrist outside of the room. Afterward, he punches a paper towel dispenser in the bathroom, cutting his hand open. Check out the scene in the YouTube video below.

Chicago Med fans thought that Choi went a little too far.

Reactions to Dr. Choi Going Over the Line

In the replies to the video, there were many comments about Dr. Choi stepping over the line. Chicago Med fans don’t hold back. Although the doctor usually keeps things under control, they couldn’t help but notice the severity of this scene.

“Woah[…],” Adi Kusuma said. “I sure never expected this kind of anger from Dr. [Choi]. He has always been [able to keep] his cool under extreme pressure.”

Another user, Isaac Mason said, “[Two] doctors who really care about their patient. Both think they’re right. Very tricky situation.”

However, not every Chicago Med fan felt that he was out of line.

“[Choi] isn’t out of line okay,” Maleah Greer replied. “He ends up as the bad guy but he wants to save [his] patients. [I know] the whole April [thing] set him off but I don’t think that’s the only reason he is mad. Charles said not to put him in restraints and he was literally ripping himself [apart].”

So, Outsiders, what do you think? Was Dr. Choi out of line for yelling at Dr. Charles?

‘Chicago Med’ Performs Well in Ratings

This season of Chicago Med was impressive from a rating standpoint. When you compare the show, in just its 7th season, to a show like Grey’s Anatomy, in its 18th season, it has done very well. The entire Chicago One universe has built quite a fanbase in recent years.

6.7 million viewers tuned into Med each week. That stands high over ABC’s long-running medical drama. Grey’s only had 4.1 million viewers a week. The show is running high and looking to continue its success in the new year.