‘Chicago Med’ Fans Think This Is the Most ‘Underrated Character’

by Anna Dunn

Chicago Med fans have a lot of characters they like to debate about, but there’s one that everyone seems to like. In a new Reddit Thread, fans discussed who they think is the most “Underrated character.” And no, it’s not Dr. Choi or Dr. Manning or Dr. Reese or Dr. Halstead. Hilariously, it’s not even someone who has much of a speaking role at all.

The Reddit Thread, aptly titled “X-Ray Tech with red glasses,” discusses the X Ray tech whose always present, even if he doesn’t have the biggest part to play.

“Most underrated character ever,” the fan who made the thread wrote. “He’s our constant. We always look for him. He’s my husband and my favorite character, even though he’s only ever said “X-Ray” or “clear”. We get excited when he’s called in. We got very worried at the beginning of S7 when there was a different tech. Thankfully, he was back in another episode. Here’s to hoping he’s in it for the long haul.”

It turns out the X-Ray tech does actually have a name. He’s officially credited as “X Ray Tech Mike” he’s played by Michael Vaughn Shaw.

Other fans agreed.

“X ray tech Mike is the best!” one fan said.

“‘X-ray!'” Best line ever,” another fan joked.

Other ‘Chicago Med’ Characters are a Bit More Controversial

Arguably, Chicago Med may have had a harder time winning over the hearts of fans in the same way Chicago PD and Chicago Fire did. Of course, the show still pulls in major numbers. But there are a lot of characters fans have taken issue with.

In another recent Reddit Thread, fans discussed whether or not Dr. Ava Becker’s character was ruined by the writing.

One fan summed it up pretty concisely, saying that Becker, of course, was supposed to be a bit polarizing when she was introduced. But instead of going a route that may have been unique or satisfying, fans feel she went off the rails in season four, and for… unoriginal reasons.

“How is the awesome surgeon losing her s**t and acting like this for a man?? It’s such lazy writing. The least they could’ve done is transfer her to another hospital,” the fan wrote.

Other characters agreed, feeling it was downright bizarre for Becker to suddenly lose all of that stability.

But hey, at least even when times get tough on the show, we always have X ray guy to depend on!

If you’re a fan of Chicago Med and haven’t caught up, the show is about to go on a hiatus for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games, so now is a perfect time to do so. Just like the other two shows in the One Chicago franchise, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire, Chicago Med is available to stream on Peacock.