‘Chicago Med’ Fans Want One Major Crossover

by Lauren Boisvert

“Chicago Med” crosses over with “Fire” and “PD” all the time, but some fans are looking for a very specific crossover event; one that hasn’t happened in a good long while.

That’s right, “Chicago Med” fans want the Halstead brothers back in the mix together. This would be a perfect time for it, too, with Will Halstead potentially being investigated by the FBI. He could bring his little brother Jay into it for some advice, or even help if things get too hairy. Will probably would appreciate having a cop in his corner.

Fans on Twitter recently felt that it’s been too long since we saw the brothers together. “When are we gonna get a Halstead Brothers scene again?! It’s been too long. Pleaseeeee!!” wrote one fan. Another agreed, writing, “Yes please! We haven’t seen them since [the] Infection crossover.”

The two brothers sometimes have a rough relationship, which leads to even more drama than usual. Will wasn’t around when their mother died, and Jay holds a lot of animosity towards Will about that. They usually argue when they’re together. Again, more drama. The Halstead brothers always promise an interesting time, for viewers, at least.

Could we get another Halstead brothers crossover for season 7 of “Chicago Med”? I think it would be wise to bring Jay back into the fold with his brother; Jay himself just narrowly escaped an FBI investigation. Could he pass on what he learned to his big brother? Granted, Jay did blackmail an FBI agent, so, then again, maybe he shouldn’t.

‘Chicago Med’: Ethan Choi Returns to the Series

Doctor Ethan Choi hasn’t been around on “Chicago Med” for most of season 7, after being shot at the end of season 6. He’s been recovering, except for a stint in the middle of the season where he tried to come back but only hurt himself further. So, when is Dr. Choi coming back for good? Or is he totally leaving the show?

Fear not, because showrunners Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov have confirmed that Brian Tee has no plans to abandon his character, Dr. Choi. They spoke to CinemaBlend this month about the show, and the plans to bring Choi back.

“Actually, we’re gonna see him again in Episode 12,” said Frolov.  “So, in three more episodes, we’ll see him again. He’s still in recovery, and then he will come back a little bit later in the season. He’s going to have a very moving story with Dr. Charles in Episode 12.”

Episode 12 airs on January 19, so not much longer now. When asked about the new plot, Schneider replied, “We learn more about his background, his past, his family.” Will Choi’s military service be brought up in his new storyline? Getting shot has to bring up some tough memories.