‘Chicago Med’ Fans Wish These Characters Would Make a Return Appearance

by Joe Rutland

Many characters have come and gone over the years on Chicago Med. Fans wish that these characters would return to the show.

One that does stick out for the show’s fandom is Dr. Connor Rhodes, played by Colin Donnell. It just seems that a lot of longtime viewers would just hope and almost pray that Rhodes makes another appearance at some point.

Over on Reddit, a fan writes the title of a post: “Just another ‘I miss Connor Rhodes’ post.” Comments galore were in the thread. One of them writes: “I honestly couldn’t bring myself to keep watching after he left. I just felt like they just moved [past] it so quickly. Like ‘Oh I can’t believe that happened’ and then everything’s fine.”

‘Chicago Med’ Fans Would Be Most Welcome If Rhodes Could Come Back Now

Then another thread point out Chicago Med fans desires for Rhodes to come back right now. This fan and Redditor did not mince words: “Anybody else miss the s*** out of him? That whole thing that went down with Ava happened so damn fast and I was so mind blown and confused. Like- did that actually happen?”

Woof. OK, well, we are getting the point. For another Reddit thread, a writer talks about how upset they were when the character left. Another Redditor writes: “I adore Dr Rhodes! I wish he would come back.” A fan also starts a different discussion about how after Rhodes left the show, the quality of Chicago Med just went down, down, down.

If you could give these fans one thing, it would be a return of Rhodes. Remember that Chicago Med is part of the One Chicago franchise. It premiered in 2015 on NBC and has been one of the network’s strongest drama shows.

Cast Member Missing Recently Will Be Coming Back on Full-Time Basis

Stars of the show include Nick Gehlfuss, Brian Tee, Oliver Platt, and Dominic Rains. Chicago Med is one of those shows that has had a revolving door when it comes to cast members. Departures can be planned; others hit like a sudden jolt.

One of those cast members that has been missing for a period of time is Tee’s Dr. Ethan Choi. He has made some almost cameo appearances in the past couple of seasons. But he is coming back on a full-time basis later this season on NBC. It will be after the show returns from a hiatus due to the Winter Olympics.

Gehlfuss has an interesting spot in the One Chicago world as his character also has a brother on another show. We should say his brother is just part of the show’s storylines.