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‘Chicago Med’ Fans Wonder How Wealthy the Rhodes Family Would Really Be

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Fans of the NBC medical drama Chicago Med have something on their minds. OK, so how wealthy would the Rhodes family be right now?

Those fans decided to go over to Reddit and chat it up.

The thread is titled “How rich would the Rhodes family be realistically?” Redditor Late_External9128 starts off by writing, “Cornelius seems to have endless money laying around to donate new wards to the hospital every other season and they are apparently wealthy.

“People seemed to be fairly aware of the Rhodes family (even people like Will who I can’t imagine keep up with the society papers) so are they famous?” the person writes. “Locally famous? I don’t know sh!t about department stores so how wealthy would they be realistically?”

Fan ThatMessy1 writes, “The family that owns Selfridges is worth €12billion. So it depends on the size and age of the chain.”

Then Chicago Med Redditor Dewey_Talks_NZ says, “I think I remember Connor saying his grandfather was the one with the money and his dad just got the inheritance I can’t remember if he said whether it was his grandfather who opened the store or if it went back further. And if I remember Connor did a lot of work overseas so he wasn’t in the papers which is why they didn’t recognize Connor but knew of his family.”

Chicago Med is part of the Wednesday night One Chicago franchise shows. Tune in to see an episode this week on NBC.

‘Chicago Med’ Actor Oliver Platt Gets Surprised By Dick Wolf Creating Role

Leave it to One Chicago show creator Dick Wolf to break some new ground.

You might ask how he did it and, well, let’s listen to Oliver Platt. The actor says he was surprised by real-life psychiatrists after joining Chicago Med.

Platt admits that he definitely was surprised by real-life psychiatrists after taking that role. Platt portrays psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Charles, on Chicago Med. Seeing Wolf makes him a main character surprised him.

Platt told The Hollywood Reporter, “As somebody who grew up with great medical dramas like St. Elsewhere and ER … there’s never been a psychiatrist as a primary member of the ensemble. It was such a smart idea of Dick’s.”

The actor admitted that he was a bit”skeptical” at first. It’s something that never has happened on a TV show before. Platt did follow and shadow real psychiatrists. He learned some things.

“Realizing the degree to which psychiatry as a discipline still remains misunderstood,” he said. “There’s no blood test for anxiety. You can’t X-ray a nervous breakdown. The stakes very much went up for me when it became clear to me how important it was that psychiatry be appropriately represented.”