‘Chicago Med’: Full Recap of Season 7, Episode 7

by Suzanne Halliburton

First, on behalf of Chicago Med fans everywhere, welcome back, Dr. Choi.

The fan-favorite, played by Brian Tee, is well enough from his emergency surgery from last season’s thrilling finale. Chicago Med fans will remember that Choi tried to deescalate a tense situation between a crazed patient and Dr. Archer (Steven Weber). The patient tried to shoot Archer. Instead, he fired at Choi as Choi tried to get the gun away from him. Archer performed emergency surgery using a risky procedure to save Choi.

And now, Wednesday night, Archer was evaluating Choi to see if he was fit enough to return to the hospital.

But we realize Choi is more than ready when he’s called on to intubate Dr. Cooper, who partied too hard at a medical conference before he could confess to Dr. Halstead. Cooper goes into cardiac arrest and Choi helps save him.

Elsewhere on Chicago Med, Vanessa (Asjha Cooper) works a case with Dr. Charles (Oliver Pratt). Paramedics bring in a young woman named Astrid who injured her arm breaking a window. She thinks she’s seeing snakes.

Dr. Charles thinks she’s suffering a psychotic break. So do her parents. But Vanessa wants to check for underlying conditions. She puts the woman through a variety of tests. Dr Charles tells her to treat Astrid like “more of a human being and less of a test you’re getting graded on.”

But thanks to Vanessa, Dr. Charles figures out that Astrid is suffering from a medical condition. It’s a progressive nerve disease called MLD. Meds likely can “mitigate” the progression.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is keeping a big Chicago Med secret. Her birth mother is Maggie, and only a couple of people know this. That includes Dr. Charles, who caught Vanessa taking a pill. “What really sucks is capable people like yourself feel like they need a little extra help to keep up.” Of course, Vanessa said the pill was for allergies.

In Other ‘Chicago Med’ Case Hammer and Scott Tend to Father-Son Wreck Victims

In another Chicago Med case, Hammer and Scott are tending to two car wreck victims. They’re father and son. The father has no feeling in his legs. The 15-year-old son suffered an arm injury. It’s just the two of them. But the 15-year-old has no say in his father’s treatment. One doctor wants to do emergency surgery on the dad. There would be no chance for him to walk again.

But Hammer pushes for a riskier surgery to give the dad some hope to regain use of his legs. They do the surgery. Once the dad regains consciousness after surgery, he’s able to move his toes.

Hammer told Scott she took a personal interest in the case. She was about the boy’s age when she had to start taking care of her mentally ill mother. As Chicago Med opened, Hammer’s mother was at her place. The mother had been living out of her van, but Hammer, secretly, had the vehicle towed.

When Hammer got home at the end of her shift, she discovered her mom had cleaned the apartment. The mom tells her “the landlord had been on my ass.” So Hammer confesses the news about the van. That sent mom into a fit. She began trashing the kitchen, breaking all the dishes she’d just washed. A piece of glass cuts Hammer’s arm as the mother flees the apartment.