‘Chicago Med’: Full Recap of Season 7 Winter Finale

by Joe Rutland

It turns out that Chicago Med had quite the winter finale for Season 7 as part of the One Chicago franchise on NBC. So, what happened?

We are going to find out, Outsiders. TV Insider offers some insights. By the way, if you have not seen this episode, then we’re going to have some spoilers coming up.

So, we were led to believe Will Halstead, played by Nick Gehlfuss, would do something to put his career in jeopardy. A bombshell, though, would drop at the hospital Christmas party.

Halstead went to the tree lighting ceremony with Jessa, played by Angela Wong Carbone. He went back to her place and got Jessa to admit that Dr. Matt Cooper, played by Michael Rady, got kickbacks for each VasCom device ordered. Will was taping all this and he played it for Goodwin, played by S. Epatha Merkerson, and Kalmick, played by Marc Grapey.

‘Chicago Med’ Character Halstead Learns Cooper Is Going To Move To Montana

Kalmick, though, wants to speak with the hospital board. Who’s on it? Cooper’s father-in-law.

Meanwhile, on Chicago Med, Halstead learns that Cooper is leaving Chicago to open a concierge practice in Montana. Kalmick told Cooper and Goodwin that the hospital should not go to the FBI. The board also chose to fire Cooper and stop using Vasik equipment.

They don’t want bad publicity. Halstead wants to go to the FBI. Goodwin says skip it.

Now, to the Christmas party on Chicago Med. Will starts yapping, but Goodwin reached out to the FBI. Agents are there with warrants for offices and computers. Matt and Jessa get arrested for fraud. Goodwin tells Will that, yes, she told him to knock it off.

Yet she tells him that this is her responsibility. So “any and all fallout lands on me, not you.” Peter tells her point-blank, “There will be fallout.”

So Chicago Med is on break right now. Diane Frolov, the show’s executive producer, said “there’s going to be repercussions from what [happened].”

Meanwhile, Dr. Crockett Marcel, played by Dominic Rains, and Avery, played by Johanna Braddy, stay flirty.

How Did This Show Do When Compared With Other Medical Dramas

Looking at Chicago Med so far this season, it’s worthwhile to also look at how it did when compared to other medical dramas on TV.

We get some help from Spoiler TV. Grey’s Anatomy on ABC has been steady among the top dramas for a number of years.

In the 18-49 demographic, the show is second among the top 5 medical dramas this season.

Chicago Med topped this list with 6.77 million viewers for a 0.76 demo rating. Grey’s Anatomy is second with 4.28 million viewers and a 0.66 demo rating.